1. bobby

    C43 dies at traffic lights!

    Hi all, Could you please help me with a query? I had my C43 serviced (B) by Mercedes about a month ago (£720!). Ever since, the car has intermittently "died" upon braking to a stop at traffic lights. 1: Having had it towed to Merc after the 3rd occurence and it not restarting, I have...
  2. Satch

    Drivers in worse jam as traffic plan fails

    What a surprise. "Motorists are wasting more time sitting in queues on motorways and A-roads because the Government has failed to meet its key target for reducing congestion. Delays have increased on the 100...
  3. st13phil

    Loan W211 - How do I turn off the Traffic Announcements?

    Just a quickie... Been loaned a W211 Elegance by my dealer and the TA's on the radio are driving me nuts. How do I turn them off, please? (I can't RTFM coz there isn't one in the car :( )
  4. M

    M4 J8/9 Traffic Lights Whats all that about

    Noticed some new (but not switched on) traffic lights have appeared at the bottom of the slip road at J8/9 of the M4. How is that supposed to work?? Seems like a ridiculous idea to me unless someone here can convince me otherwise.
  5. Godot

    Warning M25 Traffic Cameras

    From my "in box" this morning from a " friend in the know" Subject: M25 JCT 10-15 Digital Speed Cameras Going Live 15th Feb 08 Importance: High All Metropolitan Police Service (for those of you who didn't know) that as and from the 15th February 08 all the Speed Cameras in the Variable...
  6. Goldfish11

    How to cancel RDS Traffic Announcements using Multi function steering wheel

    I have owned my EClass for 4 years and have just discovered this :bannana: I was getting really frustrated as it seemed mad that if you got an RDS TA traffic announcement you could not cancel it from the Multi Function wheel you have to reach over and press any button on the Comand Unit...
  7. Kingpin!

    Comand 2.0 & TP - Traffic Programme

    Since I still haven't got a european manual for my Comand 2.0 unit I wonder the following; The TMC function works for navigation but I would still like to have the TP - "Traffic Programme" information as well. On my Audio 10 CD it worked perfectly (it came on when I was tuned to other radio...
  8. Goldfish11

    Audio 20 in SLK - How do you get the Traffic Reports working

    I am currently struggling with the Audio 20 in the SLK. I want to get the RDS traffic reports so they interupt CD or even Radio. e.g. Set Radio to Radio 4 and then when a BBC local radio station like Radio Northants or Coventry and Warwickshire or West Mids gives out a message it over...
  9. L

    Becker Traffic Assist Pro

    Anyone any experience of this unit
  10. FishtailnZ

    Not your usual early morning "rush" hour traffic!

    Life is rough in SoCal *L*...
  11. dougal74

    Traffic contravention - which one? (poll)

    Before I submit the details on why I'd like your reponses, I just wanted to gauge how a sample of forumers (i.e. regular road users) would respond to the picture below. Please have a look at the following photo and then vote for what you think you are restricted from doing (I know there are lots...
  12. ShinyF1

    New type of traffic camera?

    I was driving out of London on the A4 towards the Hogarth roundabout, and spotted a gantry on nearside with a row of 5/6 grey cameras facing the traffic. Came back in later on the A40 and saw the same again London bound near Hillingdon. Anyone know what they're for?
  13. DarrinD

    19" Traffic Star RTS Wheels

    thinking about these for car any thoughts.:confused:
  14. Godot

    Becker Traffic Assist Pro Says it's out of a MB but not which one...No Reserve..Bargain?
  15. R

    traffic wardens on tv

    The secrets of wardens exposed on itv 1
  16. G11DOM

    Do you put the car in neutral (automatics) when at traffic lights etc?

    With this car being the first automatic car I have ever owned and I have had a few different people say different things to me when I pull up at traffic lights etc that some say you should always put the car in neutral and some say ir does not matter if you leave it in drive with foot on the...
  17. W210 Fan

    W210 E55 cutting out in traffic

    W210 E55 very annoyingly cuts out when the moving slowly in traffic, car moves along, cuts out, then a random combination of locking and unlocking or just turning the key restarts it, any ideas?
  18. J

    Becker Traffic Pro into a W202 - GPS aerial location

    Hi all Does anyone have any suggestions for the best place to put the GPS aerial when installing a Becker traffic pro into a W202?
  19. Swiss Toni

    Mad Mullah (Traffic Taliban) Blog

    Uncomfortable reading if you believe everything you read in the Daily Mail, but this makes interesting reading and whether you agree or not, the chap does express his views pretty clearly... :rolleyes:
  20. fuzzyfelt

    T-boned at traffic lights

    Hello, I’ve been leeching from this forum for a while now since I brought a 2005 55 C220 CDI Coupe back in August ’06. Just about everything I wanted to know about Comand units, rain sensors, and oem mods have already been discussed so I’ve never needed to submit, until now…...
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