1. H

    Connecting an audio Bluetooth transmitter to Command Online (W212 2016)

    I have bought a 2016 Eclass Estate which as the latest command online but sadly no AUX input. This is very annoying as I want to play lossless music from a music player and not from my IPhone and was unaware that the folks from Mercedes would decide not to put this "essential" audio input into...
  2. Felstmiester

    Fm transmitter

    Any one recommend any ? Got a new (ish) work truck and miss playing music through my phone. I'm not looking for premium quality and I know they're all pretty crap sound wise. Just want one that's reasonable on price and quality. Thanks.
  3. J

    Bluetooth/FM Transmitter

    I know this is a bit of a "low rent" solution and hardly the neatest thing ever but I thought I'd share my experience. I recently bought a 2004 W203 270CDI as a sensible commuter car (more sensible than my TVR anyway LOL). It's a lovely car and I really enjoy driving it (and I'm pleasently...
  4. F

    Alarm rf transmitter not working and no alarm siren

    Dear All I am new to this website, and in fact new to the whole forum resource that is available on the Internet. I have purchased a merc clk (2004), and after a bad experience with a "merc specialist" I would rather begin to learn and understand my car myself, and hopefully try to be a...
  5. MacCLS500

    iPod FM transmitter Unit

    Has anybody used a transmitter unit connected to an iPod then tuned into a radio station. I think Griffen do one. Has the signal improved from a few years ago. I have tried a link from the headphone output to Aux but does not work. Anybody got any information. I did not try the ipod connection...
  6. developer

    Poor Freeview reception Sutton Coldfield transmitter

    Anyone experiencing poor signal from the Sutton Coldfield transmitter. It was very windy here last night, but the aerial doesn't appear to have moved.
  7. R

    Wireless transmitter / receiver for rear view camera

    Wireless transmitter / receiver for rear view camera. Ideal for large car / SUV / caravan / mobile home / trailer, etc. New, I bought it in US but never actually used it. All wires clearly marked, so very simple setup and you don't have to dig up your door sills to run the cables...
  8. A

    Griffin ipod car holder / FM transmitter

    Griffin ipod holder / car FM trasmitter. Listen to your Ipod through your car speakers. £11 posted. I know it will fit and ipod video as that's what I used it with. It has the standard ipod connector so will probably fit any of them? In fact on the back is says 'ipod and ipod mini'
  9. A

    Iphone 3gS / 4G FM transmitter dock? which one

    Hello Wife has a 3Gs and I'm thinking of getting a 4G, we both have cars pre ipod connectors. Whats the best way of using these with our cars? What do other people recommend. With my old ipod I used a FM dock thingy that worked ok. Thanks in advance
  10. imadoofus

    iPod FM Transmitter

    I recently bought my wife a Belkin FM transmitter for her iPod Nano, but the reception is crap. Can anyone recommend a different device that actually works? TIA PJ
  11. SilverSaloon

    MP3 USB in car transmitter

    this looks good - i've ordered one to give it a try. Nice feature is that is has a usb port built in. just hope the reception i get is ok.
  12. S

    Reprogramming key/alarm transmitter

    I've noticed a number of keys for sale on eBay with the implication they can be re-programmed. I'd like to have a spare for my W210, is it straightforward to do so or is it pointless buying a secondhand key?
  13. guydewdney

    WiFi transmitter - and Yagi reciever...

    if one were to have a 9Db or so Yagi or similar wifi reciever, a 200 yard distance with a bit of vegitation in between, low background RF rubbish (ie rural), and a 'standard' wifi IP camera - would one get an acceptable B&W picture? Guy
  14. marc777

    Anyone used a Belkin FM transmitter with i-pod

    Has anyone used one of these (apparantly transmits wirelessly to the cars audio system) and is it any good? For £30 + it seems too good to be true in terms of the alternative wiring setups i've seen. Marc
  15. garystu1965

    "Newer Tech" FM Transmitter

    Apparently this device looks like a car mobile phone charger. It plugs into your cigar lighter socket and into the iPod hedphone socket. It then uses a fixed frequency of 107.7 so is crystal clear. Has anyone got one of these and are they legal ? The legal warning on iPodworld is only mentioned...
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