1. A

    W210 E300 Turbodiesel

    As per the title: must be good mechanically. The rest doesn't matter. Thanks, Andy
  2. maxypriest

    W124 Turbodiesel 174mph

    Took the old Merc to RAF Woodbridge yesterday for a top speed event. Lots of very fast stuff there and the w124 was easily the most boring /sensible car by a country mile. On of my friends came along and he was at the start line when I pulled up for my first run against a 997 turbo - he...
  3. peapod

    E300 turbodiesel fuel run back

    I am at my wits end with air in the fuel lines. I have replaced all 6 plastic pipes and seals, o ring behind shut off valve, injector leak off lines, fuel filter and prefilter, new clips on fuel supply and return back rubber pipes, they were loose, to the firewall. Also put a non return valve...
  4. C

    C250 Turbodiesel clutches and dual mass flywheels

    Do all or some C250TD's have a DMF (and if some don't how do you distinguish them from cars with DMF fitted?) and how reliable are they? Has anyone had experience of them? I thought the most fool proof M.B C250TD would be a manual one, but maybe not if they have a dual mass flywheel eh! Any...
  5. 1

    C250 Turbodiesel

    A couple of time as I went to pull away from a juction push the throttle and Nothing, just sit there idling. Try again and away you go. No fault codes. Should I be looking at the TPS?
  6. peapod

    Economical speed, W210 turbodiesel

    Best economy comes with engine efficiency and one assumes the boost pressure should be at an optimum. My car (auto turbo diesel ) seems happiest at about 2400 rpm 75 mph in 5th, at 60 one needs to downshift to recover liveliness. Can anyone advise on whether one should shift to 4th gear at...
  7. C

    Mercedes-Benz C250 Turbodiesel Manual Estate Wanted

    Ideally the car needs to be dark (Azurite) blue or black, and not have any nasty bulging rust in the rear wheel arch seams. Certainly no rot and ideally no rust underneath the car. I wouldn't mind a bit of rust, as I'm a bodywork guy (owned a Ford Capri for 5 years and did all the repairs...
  8. 230K

    300,000 Miles in E300 Turbodiesel (At last)

    Hi I have made it after a long wait 300,000 miles, the moment captured going up the side of Loch Lomond on Sunday evening heading for Glencoe Ski. :) 230K
  9. Laters

    W202 C250 turbodiesel elegance suspension springs part numbers needed

    Can I find out the part numbers of the standard suspension springs fitted to my c250td? One of the rear springs has a crack in the lower coil & if I'm getting the rear springs changed I may as well change the front aswell. But how do I work out the part numbers of the original springs? I...
  10. M

    E300 Turbodiesel gearshift not working

    Hi as a new member could anyone advise me? I have a 1997 E300 The key got stuck in ignition, I followed advice from forum by jiggling shift lever to make sure it was fully in park. This worked and key came out. Went out this morning and car wont move shift lever moving but nothing happening...
  11. R

    1997 E300 Turbodiesel Saloon

    E300 Turbodiesel Saloon Elegance, 1997 Silver Blue Cloth Good Tyres MOT /TAX June 09 FSH 241,000 miles Drives very well Bodywork clean (rust attended to 18 months ago), only marks are stonechips to bonnet. £1,450 or offers Please PM in first Instance. Car located in Reading area...
  12. P

    has anybody fittet bov = blow off valve in turbodiesel?

    Hello anyone has fitted that on the car for that fancy litle pshh noise ? :) any info on that would be appreciated.
  13. A

    C250 turbodiesel OM605 idle smoke

    :mad: :mad: Brainstorming required, folks! My project Elegance estate TD smokes at idle, compared to my identical daily driver. Spec: 180K, oil and filters changed, previous owners bodgery eliminated (manifold gaskets, breather rubbers, cam cover leaks), turbo and injector nozzles rebuilt, glow...
  14. 230K

    Mobil 1 Turbodiesel anyone?

    Hi On my recent Euro trip i brought back some Mobil 1 worked out at £30 for 5 litres. Not as good as other years but still a reasonable deal. Norauto in Calais. Esso Ultron worked out at £23 for 5 litres but they only had 2 of them in the Auchan hypermarket. 230K
  15. R

    C250 turbodiesel starting problems

    Hi everyone.. My R reg C250turbodiesel is the worst starting car I have ever had. At the suggestion of someone, I replaced 5 clear plastic pipes & the fuel filter last week (cost approx £65.00). When I did the job, I found that the MB dealer had only supplied 5 pipes & actually there are 6 reqd...
  16. I

    E 300 Turbodiesel W210 running on 5 only

    Hello to all and welcome to this combined question / self-ridicule! I have a W210 E300 Turbodiesel 1998 elegance. The front nozzle union on top of the Injector pump developed a leak so I removed it and replaced the rubber o-seal. Now i have lost the front cylinder, well, I know where it is it...
  17. M

    1998 W210 300 turbodiesel coolant spec.?

    Hello, I am getting all the lube specs. for my car and would like to know what type of anti-freeze is needed for this engine and in what strength for the UK? Will it be ok on regular stuff or does it need OEM stuff like the PD engined Volkswagens? Is there anything to watch out for as...
  18. C

    C250 Turbodiesel

    Hi all. We're thinking about changing the Smart for a more dog friendly car and saw this today at a nearby garage. It is pretty well immaculate on the surface. A quick look underneath, all seems okay but the diff looks a bit oily/grimey? It's not a manual as it says in the ad, it's an auto...
  19. pwarwick

    1999 T reg E300 Turbodiesel injector part number

    :rolleyes: Hi All Does anybody know the part number for an injector on my Mercedes 300 Turbodiesel 1999 T reg? I have been offered a couple of them but am not sure if they are the ones for my car. It would be handy if you know and save me phoning Mercs again.
  20. J

    1998 E300 Turbodiesel RVM

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me if the RVM on my MB is an auto dipping one? The mirror looks like it might have a small sensor in the front bottom corner, and on the back of the mirror is a small hole about the size of a smilie :). If anyone can shed any light on the (no pun intended) I'd...
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