1. twice

    W140 1994 S350 Turbodiesel

    Hi Folks, I am about to take a look on a '94 S350TD, with ~125k miles. The seller says his the second owner from new (factory purchase) and car is in a mint condition and has FMBSH. (the underbody of the cars looks like it has not been driven in the winters, being the original exhaust shiny as...
  2. P

    E300 turbodiesel (Rust bucket)

    I have read about the merc rust problems..I have commented on them ....but until today I never realised the situation was so bad. Today I saw the rustiest "newish" car since my old nissan cherry [circa 1977]..it was a silver E300 Turbodiesel.There was rust on the wheel arches, by the grill...
  3. F

    W210 E290 Turbodiesel

    This noon when I was out and about I saw a pre face lift W210 that was on German plates badged as the above title "E290 Turbodiesel". In the UK we had a E300 Turbodiesel but stranage why in Europe they have the E290 unless it is just badged differently in rest of Europe? :confused: Has...
  4. GazCaff

    Got the Turbodiesel Upsoluted!

    I had my car chipped today by Simon Coe of CCC Tech. Simon came out to me and did the work on site. He did a very professional and tidy job and it only took him a couple of hours start to finish (he would have been quicker if we had not been in conversation all the while!). He came out with...
  5. E

    Valuation please? CD250 TurboDiesel

    Hi, I am due to get another Merc in september and i am going to be selling my present car in a few weeks. I would be grateful if someone who has more knowledge than me can give me a rough idea of what i might get, and also if anyone could share experiences of using eBay motors to sell. It...
  6. 230K

    E300 Turbodiesel 40mpg

    Hi folks I did it i got over 40mpg from my E300 TD estate on a trip frpm Folkestone to Stranraer on Thursday night. Filled at Folkestone and drove with cruise at 65mph actual of 61/62 mph on the Nav and managed to get 41 mpg with me the wife and four kids plus luggage on board well chuffed...
  7. 230K

    Veggie Oil in E300 Turbodiesel

    Hi Filled with 45litres of diesel and 15 litres of vegetable oil from Lidl on Friday and have done over 300miles since and am very pleased with the increase in punch the car now has, before there was a delay before getting any serious shove but now the delay is almost gone. Mpg so far...
  8. T

    E300 Turbodiesel serpentine belt problem saga

    Hello again! I have had an ongoing saga with the repair of my serpentine poly-v-belt mechanism and belt by the main dealer in Brussels last month. To cut a long story short some tensioning spring thing that connected to the tensioning pulley was duff so after 3 trips to the garage they...
  9. T

    W210 E300 Turbodiesel Auto Gearbox Problem

    My 2nd post in my 1st day on the forum! I have another small problem with my Auto Gearbox. Whenever the car changes from 3rd gear into 2nd around town it does so with quite a "shunt". It is really evident if you have your foot down on the accelerator more but I've kind of adapted my driving...
  10. T

    1999 W210 E300 Turbodiesel Fuel Economy / Engine Oil

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum but it looks like a great place...think I'll be spending lots of time here! Anyway, I've ran a search but couldn't find a conclusive answer. I've just had the oil changed in my car for the 2nd time since I bought it and the mechanic put the same...
  11. T

    HELP! E300 Turbodiesel Engine Belt Problems

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  12. D

    E-Class E300 Turbodiesel For Sale

    For Sale Mercedes E-Class E300 Turbodiesel Elegance Auto Saloon (R reg). Aquamarine blue with a beautiful cream interior. Features include : 5 speed automatic. Power steering. Full climate control. Electric mirrors (self dimming). Electric windows. Remote central locking. Remote...
  13. Steve_Perry

    E290 Turbodiesel ?!??

    I was in Asda's today on the usual lunch run and in the car park I spotted a W210 (Pre facelift I think, I wasn't paying too much attention :p ) in metallic Amethyst (same colour as MBenzNL's C250D) but what really caught my eye was the car's rear badging... E290 Turbodiesel. The car was on...
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