1. G

    R129 1991 500SL Turns Over But Will not Fire

    Hi there Been a while! I hope everyone is well? I've got a problem with my SL - I suspect it is immobiliser related but hope someone can offer me some advice. I went to start my car earlier and as it has been a while, I let the immobiliser kick in so the engine would turn and not fire. I...
  2. Horrgakx

    Mechanical hum/whine when engine turns off

    Car is C250 AMG Line Premium Plus Diesel. When I turn the engine off I notice a faint mechanical hum. Does anyone know what this is? I suspect that it could be an electric pump which circulates engine oil in order that the turbo oil doesn't cook. But does anyone know for sure? Link to...
  3. D

    Mercedes ml270 radio turns itself on overnight !

    Help needed ! Take keys out of ignition ,radio goes off . Go to car in the morning radio is on and airbag light is on ! Lucky not to have flattened battery . Intermittent problem has happened 3 times in 3 weeks ! If I turn radio off with button on radio before take keys out this doesn't happen...
  4. D

    Mercedes ml270 radio turns on by itself !

    Anyone had any electrical probs with ml ? I turn car off , take keys out radio goes off . Sometimes when go back to car radio is on with airbag light even though no keys in ??!! Doesn't do it if manually turn radio off before taking keys out ! Intermittent problem but annoying lucky hasn't...
  5. BAZ-500SL

    E220 w124 wont start but turns over

    Ello guys just need a bit of help the e220 w124d ( petrol model )won't start but turns over was ok but now won't start is there anything that can be looked or is there any common problems on these which might indicate why it won't start all help appriciated as usual thanks in advance
  6. The _Don

    eBay turns 20: Here are 20 things you may not know

  7. N

    My engine turns over ok but wont start

    Hi guys, thanks to those who answered my last shout for help!! i took your advice and searched for help by local engineers etc, but there are none locally that know anything about Mercedes Benz!! the curse of living in the sticks!! But after searching through my repair manual it shows how to...
  8. N

    Engine turns over no problem but engine wont fire up

    Can anyone help me please im disabled and have had my Mercedes C320 (2003) for around a month without any problems, today i went to start her after returning home, the car was warm and she turned over quite normally but failed to start, tried my spare keys, still wont go. She is a 3.2 obviously...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    190SL Turns 60

    Mercedes-Benz 190 SL turns 60 Open for joie de vivre, elegance, and departure to new destinations: the eagerly awaited Mercedes-Benz 190 SL (W 121) was launched in 1955. The two-seater Cabriolet technologically based on the upper mid-size category brought joy and colour to everyday life...
  10. M

    Mercedes car fire turns into a nightmare

    This is nuts. 4 pictures and video in the gallery .
  11. 1wpb

    E-series seat handle turns to razor edge

    I've just bought a 2011 E220 coupe - very nice car. Its warranty period has passed. The only problem I've found is with the chromed handles that tilt and slide the front seats. I don't know what the core of the handles is made of but they are covered by a 2-sided thin metal sheet which is...
  12. G

    glow plug light turns on for 20 seconds AFTER I start the car, should I bother?

    In the last couple of days, I noticed 3 seconds after I start the engine, the glow plug light turns on and stays on for about 20 seconds... (and yes I do what the book says and leave the key in position 2 until the Gplug light disappear before I fires up the engine) I had the car for a month...
  13. sherco450

    solid drive turns sloppy

    Owned a handful of MB and other Germany makes, some far better to drive over others , with general up keep and maintenance not all cars have always been a tight and solid drive. Others no matter how thorough l have been with maintenance , quality of tyres and suspension components seem to be...
  14. S

    W208 320 Turns over but won't start

    Hi all, My fathers 1998 W208 CLK 320 has become a non-starter since sitting for several months unused. He managed to get it started and took it out for a 20 mile run last weekend but the following Monday, he had to call out a local MB guy to reset the throttle, since apparently it lost comms...
  15. M

    '95 W202 key turns fine, car won't start

    Hi, I have a '95 W202 C220. It was fine all day yesterday when I was running around town visiting friends and shopping. Easily clocked a little over 100KM. Returned home late last night. There were no instances of bad/weak cranking or choking. This morning the car won't start. Here are some...
  16. Stratman

    Russian turns tables on credit card company

    Man who created own credit card sues bank for not sticking to terms The bank sued him for fees and charges which were not in the altered version of the contract but the court found in favour of Agarkov, who only had to pay the outstanding balance. It has to be worth a try :D
  17. sportyreptile

    E36 W210 turns over but won't start

    My W210 E36 turns over ok but won't start, I've been abroad for a few weeks so the cars been left standing, the first time I tried to start it the dash said "charge battery" so I've had it on charge for 24 hours and the battery reads 12.75v across the terminals. I've even tried using a jumper...
  18. W

    Picture special: McLaren turns 50

    Picture special: McLaren turns 50 | Autocar
  19. MercFanUk

    TV Turns itself on...

    Hey guys, for the past coup;le of days, my TV has turned itself on around 10am. Does anyone know what can cause this? It's a cheap TV, a JVC which probably has the innards of something else. I don't think it's someone else with a similar TV as it only happens the once in the day, and it...
  20. AJA

    Man turns house into huge speed limit sign

    Good on him, I say. I can't help thinking that the planning office may knock on his door soon though - Man turns house into giant speed limit sign - Car news - latest news stories - MSN Cars UK
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