1. G

    telephone pre-wire UHI kit - cradle and a phone

    I have a complete setup for your UHI - a perfect condition, in original MB box (bought new just over two years ago) phone cradle - B67875846, and a Nokia 6230i (bought reconditioned, unlocked, with a brand new keypad, at the same time). If your phone console looks like this, then the kit will...
  2. J

    Viseeo MB-4 bluetooth module for UHI

    I recently traded in my W203 C Class so this now for sale. In great condition complete with box, instructions and cables. Box says manufacture date is 28/11/2014 and it came with the car when I bought it in Feb 2016. More info here: MB-4 The Most Popular Mercedes Bluetooth Upgrade Adaptor -...
  3. Gollom

    UHI to Bluetooth?

    My 2004 ML has COMAND 2.0, option 388 (UHI) on the data card and a hole in the console where I assume a phone cradle used to sit. So fair to assume that the cabling etc. is all there Is it possible to utilise UHI to provide a bluetooth connection?
  4. A

    connecting iphone 5 to uhi cradel

    can anyone tell me how to connect iphone 5 to uhi cradle please
  5. S

    Mercedes UHI IPhone 5/5S cradle

    Check it out! Mercedes UHI Cradle Iphone 5/5S | eBay
  6. K

    W215 Fixed Phone - Upgrade to UHI

    Hello guys, would you be able to help me to upgrade my dads car telephone system to UHI? Car is from the end of 2002 and it has wired Nokia telephone. VIN number of my dads car is W2153762A031727. I have found few topic about that but I am not to sure what exactly I need t get it to get job done...
  7. S

    Uhi / mhi

    Hi all Looking for one of these ViseeO MB-3 UHI/MHI Mercedes Bluetooth Adaptor Kit with Music Streaming + Phone Charging to fit into my w203 c class please
  8. D

    UHI to USB?

    The last bloke who had my car, glued a parrot to the wood on the dash (ruined) so I am sort of stuck with it. Problem is the CK3100 he has installed does not have a charging cable for my phone. Now, I'm not OCD or anything (Winner VVOC Cleanest Car in Show 2012) but, I would rather not have...
  9. W

    ViseeO MB-2 Bluetooth Kit for Mercedes cars with telephone Pre-Wire (UHI)

    Hi Gang, I have a ViseeO MB-2 available for sale. Should suit any of the cars with UHI telephone pre-wire. Excellent used condition: Details/software downloads here: MB-2 - DOWNLOAD - ViseeO Worldwide Official Site Download instructions here (pdf)...
  10. pnevesfoto

    Samsung Android adapter for UHI bluetooth cradle port...

    Hello you all... I'm looking for an interface that allow my Samsung Galaxy Ace to interact with the UHI cradle port mounted under the armrest center console... is there any technical solution for me?
  11. B

    CLC UHI Microphone poor volume

    Hi, I have a 2008 CLC with Command 2, I have put a uhi cradle in the prewired armrest connection with a nokia 6230i. The phone works ok and has all functionality on command but the microphone volume dies as the call goes on. On connection the other person can hear you then the mic volume...
  12. D

    Hfp & uhi

    Tried a bluetooth module today in my W209 CLK, it has the phone prep but there is no power going to the centre arm rest when I attached the Bluetooth module, am I missing something? It has Command & Audio 20 so I thought it would be a case of just plugging the module in Can anyone give me...
  13. G

    UPCI (UHI) Control Unit borked

    So after a quick session on a Star machine it looks like the control module for the telephone prep (UPCI [UHI] Control Module) on my R-class (2006) has decided to pack in. As its on the MOST bus it helpfully means the whole comand system is offline. I can buy a replacement control unit for...
  14. D

    Viseeo MB-3 / UHI issues?

    Hi All, Got myself an 06 CLK 200k recently with an audio 20 stereo but wanted to be able to use the bluetooth functionality as I spend a lot of time on the road. I decided to order the Viseeo mb-3 as I liked the idea of listening to some of the music on my phone but since the first install...
  15. zenman63

    Updating Vito , Viano uhi to comfort phone

    Having taken the good advice from Richard and Alfie, I have swapped the factory fitted phone mount to the latest type comport phone. All good so far, it charges now but I need to return for coding as its not able to connect.
  16. zenman63

    Nokia 6230 with uhi cradle for sale

    As above I have a Nokia 6230 with unlock and Orange sim card pay as you go with mercedes UHI phone cradle. Good used condition £37 PM me
  17. zenman63

    No power to uhi with NTG2.5

    As above I have no power the the uhi in the Viano. I have just fitted the new iphone 5s cradle, nice bit of kit, but it gets no power to it so its not charging the phone. I have the NTG 2.5 fitted so its just power and antenna I need. I remember before I pulled the old comand out I tried...
  18. aheadlam-2012

    Bluetooth UHI HELP ?????? URGENT GUYS

    Found this mercedes benz bluetooth cradle sap v2 A204 820 0535 hands free mint condition. Would this work for a 2002 clk w209 ? It's on a bid so I need to know soon thanks ?????
  19. amg3.6

    Wanted W203 Complete UHI Phone System

    If anyone is breaking w202 pre 2005 facelift with UHI Phone system please let me know asap
  20. W

    Help – I think a Visseo MB3 broke my car

    Hello I would be grateful if someone could suggest possible causes for UHI Power issue. My UK spec 2005 W203 C220 CDI Estate was factory fitted with the UHI Telephone prewiring option, an Audio 20 radio and a Nokia 6230i cradle adapter in the armrest. Recently I unwittingly connected a faulty...
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