1. clk320x

    'Unique' style E55

    Can someone get me a sick bag? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202031806805
  2. rockits

    Unique maserati 4200 manual + full gransport look/kit/alloys

    Well the time has come that I must look to sell the hybrid. I have not advertised the car anywhere as yet other than the Sports Maserati forum. I thought I would pop it on here secondly in case there are any on here looking to add an Italian marque to their German stable. I will look to...
  3. F

    Ferrari Testarossa Spider Valeo - Unique Car

  4. F

    Unique Raw Carbon Enzo - What do you think?

  5. Bryan Allman

    Top performance yet again

    I spent an hour this morning at Unique in Lightwater (the home of Comand.co.uk) to have a new disk drive fitted to the Comand module in the SLK55. I had previously had a five minute conversation with Mark (Alfie) on the phone to describe the symptoms (one radio station playing, no buttons...
  6. M

    Expertise very much needed on this unique Wagon/Estate

    Hi there all, Quite a long run member here usually reads topics and try to become knowledgeable about anything.... This time help is needed.... Looking to buy a '01 E320 CDI Wagon/Estate with 125K miles (200K km) with to be frank never saw before options... Adaptive damping system...
  7. Marvin16x

    Unique W140 Estate

    Check it out: www.hadel.net - AUTOS - PKW - Mercedes - S-Klasse Kombi Einzelstück (W140)
  8. Niks

    A unique 124 coupe...

    Mercedes-Benz 300 | eBay
  9. E

    £1-1p Coin Unique (Vanishing Penny) Magic Trick

    £10 delivered next day! £1-1p Coin Unique (Vanishing Penny) Magic Trick | eBay Video Magic Trick Pound and Penny - YouTube
  10. 300CE

    UNIQUE 1990 MERCEDES 300CE-24 conversion - economic 3L Mercedes diesel engine

    UNIQUE 1990 MERCEDES 300CE-24 conversion - economic 3L Mercedes diesel engine | eBay
  11. 300CE

    Bentley Mulsanne (unique one off) Vehicle customized

    Mmmm, that looks nice: Bentley Mulsanne ( unique one off ) Vehicle customized | eBay UK
  12. T

    Unique White 500SEC Cabriolet?

    I am thinking of purchasing a fully restored perfect white 500SEC Convertible which was originally purchased from new by James Hunt. They want Top Dollar for the car at £39,995, which I think is too much & they have repair Bills in excess of £20,000 from recent times. I want to make an offer...
  13. F

    Unique W126

    Not sure if a 1000 SEL existed but looks like it had Stratton AMG conversion on the cosmetics. Wheels aren't original either but can be a nice project. VERY RARE AND BEAUTIFUL MERCEDES 1000 SEL AMG on eBay (end time 17-Jun-10 22:19:40 BST)
  14. The Boss

    unique w124 cabrio "vomit"

    thank God this did not go into mainstream production
  15. bpsorrel

    Unique Audi exhaust!!

    I wonder if anyone's tried an MB star exhaust... :D Seen on an Audi 80 coupe!
  16. W

    Are modern (late 90s/early 00s) performance MB/AMG vehicles distinctly unique?

    Without wanting to take anything away from these great cars, I wonder if they'll be future classics? I guess I'm looking at the W202/208/210 AMGs mainly. Only reason I wonder is that I ask myself what makes these cars notably different from the mainstream models - in terms of equipment...
  17. Swiss Toni

    Car Door - Unique Notice Board?!

    I am looking for a unique notice board to put up in my garage - I was thinking along the lines of a car passenger door and use magnets to stick pics etc on it... This is off a W116, which certainly looks neat, but the rubber trim is a pain :doh: Can anyone suggest a Mercedes door that...
  18. M

    Unique SLK55 AMG

    SLK55 AMG on PistonHeads OK, so it's a VERY low mileage, possible one-off vehicle. Yes, it's been modified by AMG with their LSD and some Black Series goodies. However, at £50,000, I think the seller believes that he can get his claimed £23k outlay back! At the end of the day, it's still a...
  19. Barbanasos

    Unique console, import 1998 w210 with navi..

    Just spotted this w210 on ebay with surprisingly low miles. Looks like a japanese import, with interesting extras and no leather interior or wheels. The console is sth I have not seen before. Is that a navi? Digital temperature controls? Looks very smart though, and how come such an option...
  20. buccal

    Unique C36

    I hate designo interiors at the best of times, but surely this can't be official: http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/739735.htm Almost as lairy as the price..........
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