1. B

    comand units

    There seem to be a difference in comand unit appearance between 2015 W212 E63 examples. The one from rounded button era looks older but i might be mistaken. Are they different NTG versions?
  2. Vintage Racer

    R129. - How easy to change complete headlight units

    Need to change the headlights (standard lights) over to LHD on my 2001 SL320. The dealer wants £1000.00 (1200.00 euros) to supply & fit. I can pick up a pair of new 'aftermarket' light units for around 450.00 euros. So question is............how easy is it to change the units myself...
  3. Justin1600

    W202 / C43 AMG Xenon Headlamps and Ballast units

    A pair of very good condition genuine Xenon Headlights with both Xenon bulbs and both Ballast boxes. £500
  4. Z

    Comand units

    Hi Guys, its been a while, but im back, and with a different model, i now have a W163 ML320 2000/2001. the only thing it has in common with my last car is the 3.2 V6 engine. Down to busines, in my console i have a std Mercedes CD/Radio. What i want to know is can i take that out with the cubby...
  5. R129mine

    r129 1996 - blinker units

    hi both my blinker units needed replacing so went to MB in Milton Keynes and i provided them with the part numbers and they told me the units are no longer available from MB. the part numbers from the existing parts are 1298261043 1298260943 luckily i still had a bosch part (the...
  6. S

    Sat nav options on w163 - non factory units)

    Having just bought a ML270 Inspiration I miss the built in sat nav systems on my other cars. I know there is a route with buying the command unit and having the factory system, however its so backwards compared to Tomtom/Garmin systems that I don't want the factory unit. Here is the...
  7. H

    Cheap Chinese double-din head units

    Looking to upgrade my sound system in my w209. However I'm a cheapskate. ive seem these Chinese head units flood the market offering everything. Is it too good to be true? Has anyone ever had any experince with them? :dk::dk:
  8. MC63CLK

    Vanos Units

    Hi On my clk 63 both of my cam banks are over noisy I'm hoping it's the vanos units and not the cams ,I only have 33 k on the clock has anyone else experienced this issue? Cheers Mike
  9. zoros

    rear numberplate light units for SL55

    I'm after a set(2) of original (not LED) light units that illuminate the rear numberplate for the SL55. R230 body version, please? Anyone? Can't find them anywhere on line other than the upgraded LED's which make the numberplate look too bright. Thanks in advance Z
  10. gIzzE

    SBC replacement units from Bosch direct at €600

    Bosch are now allowed to supply the SBC units direct, so no longer have to go through Mercedes at £1200+vat. €600 https://www.bosch-repair-service.com/DE_en/Examples_EHB.xhtml
  11. J

    Head Units Compatible with R129 Becker (under rear seat) Amplifier

    Dear all I'm a newbie SL500 r129 1998 owner and have quick question. My car has the becker mercedes branded 'Special' Radio Cassette with boot mounted CD multi changer linked thru to the Becker Mid / Woofer Amp under the rear seats. Are there any other head units available which are more...
  12. c180081c

    2002 w203 c180 *working* Fuel pump and sender units

    Hi guys, Long shot but if anyboday has a set please let me know. Thanks
  13. E

    NTG 2.5 Different Head Units - confused!

    Hi all, Recently bought R171 SLK 280 (MAY 2008) which has, I believe, Audio 20 installed. Its very basic without BT. I'm upgrading to a new head unit NTG 2.5 but searching on line it looks like there are various versions of head unit. Some seems to have silver buttons for phone, on/off etc. &...
  14. nb_racing

    129 roof control units x2

    I have 2 129 roof control units for sale, both in full working order. Part numbers are: 129 820 24 26 129 820 39 26 Looking for offers around £500 each. Message me for details. Nick.
  15. 350_Coupe

    C Class Coupe odds and sods + BT SAP units

    ok, due to a number of reasons, i have for sale a couple of Bluetooth adapters/cradles. I am now currently using a Genuine MB SAP v3 Cradle and am likely to be sticking with this one so these ones need to go ! These are all for the genuine MB UHI phone kit fitting which is usually located in...
  16. Q

    Engine preheat units?

    Anyone have any experience of preheaters in a W124? I ask because they claim to offer improved fuel consumption on short journeys, 90% of the journeys my '91 230TE undertakes are of 4 miles or so (2 miles each way with a 20 minute stop in the middle), in fairly light suburban traffic but over...
  17. M

    220/250 CDI bluemotion power units

    Hi all, My first post here. I bought the latest C220CDI Auto Coupe 6 months ago and I was told by an MB technician that the only difference between this car and the 250CDI is the ECU map! I have looked at several remapping options and I am considering proceeding in the near future...
  18. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 Clarion speakers 12cm 120mm replacement for in dash units

    Mercedes W124 Clarion speakers 12cm 120mm replacement for in dash units | eBay
  19. T

    Chinese Units

    Hi Guys I want to buy a double din unit (Satnav+ DVD+ etc') for my w208 CLK. 2 DIN SAT NAV IN CAR DVD PLAYER**CAR LOGO FEATURE**HD SCREEN**FULL EU MAP | eBay The branded ones (Pioneer, etc') are all around £500+. I see there are loads of Chinese units on E-bay for £200. The seller...
  20. 8

    r230 complete electronic units.

    i have a gearshift selector,EIS switch.gateway,set of clocks -reading 42,000 miles,and a virgin 9.7 motronic engine management computer,all coded to the same car(except engine ecu) -believed to be a sl600 write off.if you have multiple issues with your r230 as i did,then you have a complete...
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