1. Handydave

    Noise Deadening Blanket - any views?

    I love my 2014 W212 E220SE (well C207 actually - it's a Coupe). Although it is very quiet at motorway speeds, it's a bit clattery at idle. Has anyone used one of these noise deadening blankets? Are they any good?
  2. fabes

    CLK280 - Views on advice for full vs interim service

    Evening So 4,500 and 11 months on from a full B service and ATF change, the CLK tells me it needs an A service. Consequences of mainly using it for short trips...... Booked it in for an A service, but when i asked ballpark cost, was told £250 to £300. Obviously way too much for what i...
  3. M

    C350e owners club, forum views.

    Are we the most looked at part of the forum? Just noticed that we have 184 thousand "views", far more than any other section. Is the C350e the most coverted car ever! :bannana:
  4. S

    w/s 205 1.6d views?

    Hi folks - I may just stretch to a 1.6D sport estate new..... without suggesting the 220D which is outside of my budget, does anyone have any real world experience of mpg/economy - driving experience of the 1.6D - either saloon or estate - cheers manual? auto etc....
  5. P

    CLK55 convertible views

    I think I may have had a change of heart on what to buy next so I have been looking at the CLK55 convertible on a 04ish plate because of the cheaper £290 a year road tax, don't see the point in paying £505 if I don't have to. I know the slightly later ones had the newer sat nav but looks wise...
  6. developer

    Dunlop Sportmaxx RT - Views?

    Goodyear told me again today that Eagle F1's are on 6 week back order, the same 6 week back order they told me about 6 weeks ago :mad:. So, I'd like to try Dunlop Sportmaxx RT's that have good reviews, except for wear. Lots of online reviews about poor wear, so I'd like to canvas more trusted...
  7. W

    User views on Current E class estate drivers seats

    I went for a test drive yesterday in a E Class estate se. I did like the car and the very competitive monthly payments (£50 a month less than the Jaguar Sportbrake) But, the only niggle I had was the drivers seat, I just didn't seem to get it right, and it felt as though I was sitting...
  8. Jay2512

    9G-Tronic Any views?

    Wondered if anyone was able to share their experiences with the new 9G autobox? Ive ordered a New E350 CDI estate back in November, with delivery currently set to 1st March, however i was only able to test drive a 7G E350 estate before putting pen to paper. Ive ordered this to replace my C220...
  9. zoros

    Your views appreciated
  10. reflexboy

    Thinking of defecting-I value your views

    To be honest, I feel a bit strange posting this, but to put it simply, I feel like a need to change car. The SL500 has been a terrific car and I have had some great times with it, summer and winter. I bought the car 4 years ago at 15K miles and it has now just hit 35K miles. I have been all over...
  11. N

    University of Birmingham - Views?

    Continuing in the series of picking a university to go to in 2015 to study History - my daughter...
  12. A

    Newbie Benzie needs your views

    Hi everyone, Just signed up and said my hellos', and so i'm now after a bit of down to earth advice. I am going to look at a 1992(K) SL500 at the weekend that is described by the seller as 'mint' condition, having been stored in a heated garage for most of it's life. It has covered under under...
  13. Del80y

    BMC filters your views Please

    :confused: Ordered a BMC filter for my c220 from ECP before I put it in for a remap Mentioned these filters on another thread due to not having to replace them (just cleaning and oiling) and the supposedly benefits of them and was told better to stay with paper and change more regulary:(...
  14. P

    AMG C-Classes - your views!

    I'm writing a feature for Piston Heads on AMG C-Classes and would love to know your opinions in terms of which incarnations you feel make the best used buys, whether they're rising or falling in value and whether you think they may become future classics I'm interested in all generations e.g...
  15. The _Don

    C63 amg - owners' views
  16. cockyapple

    Any views on new SL 400

    Have any members purchased the new sl 400..........any comments or thoughts on the car greatly received cheers steve
  17. W

    Views on this please? 124 estate

    Hi all, Thinking about buying this to make a retro daily. W124 1996 MERCEDES BENZ E280 ESTATE CAR auto 5spd 7 leather seats A/C cruise | eBay Thoughts or anything better spotted? Cheers
  18. M

    Views on this potential purchase please...

    An E class diesel Mercedes has been on my hit list for years. Every time I get picked up in a taxi and it's a 280 or 320 I'm in heaven. Anyway, the time is right for me to buy one for my own. What is every ones view on this one? Hopefully going to look at it Friday afternoon. Any tips for...
  19. John Jones Jr

    VW Caddy 1.9Tdi, any info or views?

    I know this is a bit of a long shot but does anybody have experience of running a Caddy, the current model with older 1.9Tdi 105BHP engine. Basically looking for general info, the good, the not so good and the bad. Thanks in advance.
  20. John

    Y reg ML270 - views...

    A work colleague is maybe getting one of these. I think the insurance is likely to put her off going from a 1.6 petrol to a 2.7 5 cyl but nevertheless, should the insurance be acceptable, are there any other gotchas with these? I understand from this forum that the 270 engine is very...
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