1. C180AMG71

    Unusual Vinyl wrap on an A Class

    Saw this A Class with an unusual vinyl wrap on the way to Southampton Docks this afternoon.
  2. M.A.94

    Colour matched vinyl wrap

    Is there any company where I can get colour matched vinyl wrap, specifically for almandine black (182u). Had my car painted few years back and the front bumper was bubbling up, had it repainted a few times and after a week of looking good it would bubble up again. Turned out the paint was...
  3. T

    Vinyl paint

    I have a r107 with a tan interior, the drivers side door card as a small in the vinyl , probably a lady caught the door with a heal of shoe. Looked at replacing the card, complete around an eye watering £350, went to an upholster mate, a vinyl match not to expensive, but the checked cloth that's...
  4. D


    Reports today that sales are still increasing. Does anyone play their music in this format? I've kept most of mine but it's such a faff to dig out the turntable (not to mention the record box) and keep turning the record over. Scratches, skipping and general crackle don't do it for me...
  5. J

    Vinyl dye spray

    Hi all, has anybody used vinyl dye spray for car seats / trims etc. Looking changing from 1970s brown to black.
  6. LTD

    Do we have any vinyl flooring experts on the forum ?

    As per the thread title, we are thinking about having our hall floor done in a vinyl and have a couple of questions to people in the trade.
  7. J

    Vinyl Roof Wrap and tints for W245 2007 B Class

    Haven't been on the site for a while so here's a quck update on my little B Clss, just had my roof wrapped in gloss black vinyl and the rear side and back windows tinted by Car Tuning in Wilesden, top guys there and highly recommend their work. They even covered my petrol cap with a nce carbon...
  8. Sazzyb

    vinyl wrap exterior trim

    I want to get the chrome trims blacked out so I requested a quote from a place locally. They quoted me around £340 to do the window trim, front grill, x2 LED parts,boot handle & rear MB Star badge in gloss black. Is this a normal cost for something like this, since it is mostly labour cost?
  9. A

    Door strip vinyl or remove

    Hiya all Has or is it possible to vinyl wrap the aluminium door strips, or does anyone know how hard they are to remove, is it a simple DIY jobbie? Will I need to get a set of trim removal tools Cheers
  10. S

    Polar white Vinyl Wrap?

    Would like to de chrome some chrome bits boot lid door handles etc....has anyone seen a polar white vinyl? (Don't really want to go down the body shop route)
  11. G

    vinyl wrapping in surrey

    Want to do away with some of the chrome on my c63 and would like to get it matt black vinyl wrapped Does anyone know of any good wrappers(no fifty cent /eminem jokes please) ie window surrounds etc too much chrome for my liking
  12. Jim55

    Vinyl wrap /tints in glagow

    Anybody recommend a good vinyl wrap firm in Glasgow , I want the roof done Matt carbon look ,c220 4 Dr saloon and I want windows tinted as well ideally both done in one place , any one know any good ones
  13. gl boy

    Vinyl ,,,

    The last 18 months or so I've been collecting vinyl from mainly the 80s , in particular the pet shop boys :rock: I know !!! Don't laugh , but can't believe how the price of their vinyls have escalated :confused: ,,, am I crazy for collecting it ?? Hopefully it's a good investment for the future ???
  14. whitenemesis

    Vinyl Wrapping

    Never mind the rose gold Ferrari, check out the CLS getting a chrome blue wrap in the background... (skip to ~5:20) lyTAciZjJM4
  15. manofgresley

    Vinyl Wrap

    Hi. Does anyone know were i can purchase the above in Burl Walnut ?
  16. IMD

    1997 R129 Leather seats - are they vinyl coated?

    Hi folks, My SL500 has orion grey leather interior. I've just bought some Gliptone Liquid Leather cleaner and Conditioner. I have a few creases and slight cracks and I can see that the conditioner will penetrate these, but am I right in thinking that the leather is Vinyl coated anyway. If...
  17. -Ian

    A bit of vinyl wrapping.

    Yes I know haters will hate and would only settle for £1200 worth of genuine carbon fibre but the wrap cost me less than £10 and after following the MCcarbon PDF for removing the trim 2 hours later I have this. To be honest I only gave it a bit of a go and didn't expect much. I'm more than...
  18. Charles Morgan

    Vinyl cleaner

    I have a lot of interior vinyl to clean in my W114 coupe restoration project. Much of it is very dirty, and with the grain of the vinyl the dirt is difficult to remove entirely (before and after photos shown for an armrest cleaned with good old fashioned all purpose cleaner below) . I intend...
  19. M

    vinyl wrapping colour idea

    Hi I'm thinking of vinyl wrapping my Mercedes c250 amg sports after Xmas. The problem is I'm not 100% sure what colour to do. Was thinking baby blue or white but any ideas will be appreciated. I no it's my choice end of the day but any ideas will be good.
  20. ioweddie

    Anyone make vinyl signs I'm after some off cuts Please!

    Can anyone help out I'm after a mixture of colours of gloss vinyl off cuts about A5 size any shape, just the stuff that usually goes in the bin. This for me mucking around making decals for customizing models. I'm happy to cover postage. I know its cheeky but if your chucking it out I'd be...
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