1. stwat

    Windows 10 the operating system that is a virus loaded on you without permission

    [YOUTUBE HD]hKjv7yK_CGw&ab_channel=Crrow777[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. alzieboy

    Tablet Anti Virus

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, should I have antivirus installed on this , have seen AVG free have an app for Android ? :dk:
  3. L


    I have received messages from a number of friends on my email contact list to say they have received emails from me which have various adverts. They say that my computer must have a virus. Yet when I run various anti-virus programmes, nothing shows up. What can I do? One female friend got an...
  4. tonyc280

    Anti Virus

    Can you computer buff's out there recommend which is the best free anti virus software please. I'm using AVG at the moment and it seems to be working well so is there any point in changing ?. Cheers, Tony.
  5. artyman

    Is this a virus

    I've just had AVG alert me to a program that wants to run Windows Command Processor is requesting your permission to run C:\Users\Ken\AppData\Local\Temp\dwemgqvyfgcvgsyu.exe Just looked in the folder and the Icon looks like text on a page with flames, rather worrying! Is this a virus trying...
  6. grober

    Benzworld virus

    Just a heads up for anyone logging on to the Benzworld forums---- - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum I keep getting a virus download alert every time I attempt this --- you have been warned.
  7. swannymere

    MacBook Phishing virus

    Just to let anybody out there with an Apple MacBook that there's a phishing virus out there as of 3 weeks a which managed to get onto my MacBook and give out details of my mobile and banking accounts, they then ordered a new SIM card for my phone and when they received that they went about...
  8. Bobby Dazzler

    Virus on an iPhone?

    Today I received an email from someone I know and all that was included was a link, including in the string. Although I was suspicious I clicked on the link and it redirected me to a website selling Viagra. A quick Google doesn't show anything linked to that URL. I'm...
  9. oldcro

    Virus warning.

    The other forum mention a new virus called R66V. I'm surprised our IT experts have not mentioned anything about this, unless it is another hoax.
  10. A

    Norton Anto Virus 360, Backup software and Bluetooth Headset For Sale

    Norton 360 Boxed / sealed. £15 delivered Backup software boxed and sealed. £10 delivered Bluetooth Headset New and sealed, designed for iPhone sure would work with any other bluetooth phone £15 delivered.
  11. Sp!ke

    Not an April fool but a genuine virus warning

    'LizaMoon' Mass SQL Injection Attack Escalates Out of Control - Security - News & Reviews - Careful out there folks.
  12. oldcro

    Virus warning.

    I just received this virus warning from a friend, anyone heard of this virus and is it genuine? PLEASE FORWARD THIS WARNING AMONG FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CONTACTS! You should be alert during the next few days. Do not open any message with an attachment entitled 'POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK,'...
  13. developer

    AA and virus warning

    I've just connected to the AA's routeplanner site and my anti virus (AVG) produced a full page banner telling me there was a virus on the page and it was unsafe. Spooky - I mean, it's the AA?
  14. nigel cross

    MAC Anti virus

    Any mac users running any anti virus software? Has it slowed your Mac Down? Is it worthwhile?
  15. FunkMasterJay

    Free Anti Virus

    Hello all. can someone recommend a free antivirus for my laptop please. Cheers. Jason.
  16. stwat

    Boot Sector Virus

    I have managed to download a boot secter virus :doh: What damage will it do and how the hell do i get rid of it? AVG and Malware bytes cant find it. It is properly dug deep in the drive. It has messed with the sound on my PC and has also somehow messed up Google chrome. I have had to come...
  17. ringway

    Nasty Virus. Can I copy to external hard drive?

    My son has a bad virus on his laptop (the last time he'll let his mates use it I suspect). Countless pop ups and now the dreaded one that has taken over the machine. Can't even alter firewall settings etc. I think this means a trip to our local computer shop. However, he has a lot of...
  18. stevesey

    New Virus related Scam (to me anyway)

    Not head of this one before. Friend phoned to say he had had a couple of phone calls from someone claims to be a MS accredited body, saying he had a polymorphic virus and they could talk them through the removal on the phone. Friend is savvy enough to tell them where to to go, but phoned me...
  19. gary350

    Bad virus coming

    CNN I think were first to come out with this so google "CNN bad virus" its no joke supposed to be the worst virus yet. Just thought I would pass it on. gary
  20. K

    Access Virus TI

    I have one but i want another one. If anyone has one buzz me :) Thanks
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