1. A

    SL500 R129 Viscous Fan Upgrade

    Hi All I have recently bought an R129 SL500 which needed a little love to bring back to my standard The Viscous fan coupling is on the way out and I am considering replacing it with an electric unit - Has any one else gone down this road??
  2. brucemillar

    Viscous Fan Clutch ?

    Non-Mercedes but it is still a viscous fan? Would I be correct in assuming that my Viscous Fan is is goosed (or out of silicone oil) if it operates normally from cold but after the engine gets up to hot standing traffic temps, it locks = correct but then stays locked even after the engine and...
  3. waisal

    More Help Please Mercedes C43 W202 Viscous fan nut which way to undo

    Hello I have been trying for days to undo the Viscous fan clutch nut I have the holding tool and 36mm spanner but I am struggling. If I am facing the car which way to unlock the nut clockwise towards passenger side or anticlockwise drivers side I have also tried shocking it with hammer blows...
  4. J

    viscous fan

    Just changed my water pump,on a c240 1998, definitely a right hand thread on my viscous fan ,thanks boys.
  5. J

    viscous fan nut

    Could any of you guys, please give me a little information on a c 240 1998 viscous fan nut left or right hand thread
  6. K

    Warning!! Topran viscous clutch fitting

    Hi, fitted as above in tomy newly accuired C124 E320 to find wobły/out of balance/not running straight if you know what I mean. Also the gap between clutch and pulley very narrow<1mm. Oh and double checked if it's not the bearing but the old clutch doesn't woble.... Anyone came across this...
  7. C

    R129 Viscous fan for SL500

    Hi I need a viscous fan for my Sl500 (R1239, 2001) car if you have one please contact me on 07990530885 or pm me Thanks
  8. T

    Viscous coupling

    Just fitting a new coupling...when tightened onto the pulley the whole coupling sits in or almost touching the pulley behind and can turn this correct? When fixing the fan blades onto the coupling they seem to touch the other pulleys so too far back and I am wondering if I am...
  9. Parky1

    Viscous fan w124

    Hi, my first post as im new to this forum so bare with me :) I need a new viscous fan or just the coupling as mine doesnt increase resistance when the temp rises. Ive had a look on the usual websites.. ebay etc but cant find any specific to my model. Its a 1988 230ce on a w124 chassis. Can...
  10. D

    M103 engine noise - Tensioner or Viscous CLutch

    Good Morning, Following a moment of madness / excitement I bought a 1993 300SL at auction - "sold as seen"..... Bodywork is good, some pealing lacquer but no rust. Interior is good bar drivers seat bolster and engine runs well. Car does appear to have been looked after in a past life. Hard...
  11. T

    Water Pump or Viscous Fan? 240 V6 W202

    The wifes 1997 C240 has started a metallic grumbling whirring noise at the front I thought hmmm sounds like the water pump and its quite noisy, the v6 engine normally purrs quite silently. I put the engine stethascope on it and the noise is definitely from the front end but sounds the same...
  12. C

    w124 230 CE Viscous Fan not working

    Hello I've only had my w124 a couple of weeks but I noticed that it does seem to run a bit hot, although the temp gauge stays normal. However I noticed today that when I started it with the bonnet up the fan was bearly turning and could stopped completely with the lightest touch so I'm guessing...
  13. tonyc280

    Viscous Coupling

    I understand that a "Viscous Coupling" works on the principal that when the oil inside gets thicker it spins quicker but surely that's not the case as fluids get thinner when hotter. Forgive my ignorance if in missing something. T.:doh::dk:
  14. tonyc280

    Viscous coupling and where from ?

    Hi chappies. I think my viscous coupling has had it. Just wondering how hard to get off and where to get one from. Cheers, tony. Car is a c280 w202
  15. horgantrevor

    W202 c43 viscous fan

    Hi I have a question at the moment my v6 has a viscous fan attached to engine I have a idea when fitting the v8 should I leave off the viscous fan and fit a electric mb one instead Would it do any thing to the engine . Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  16. johnsco

    E430 m113940 viscous coupling

    Changing the viscous coupling on the E430 looked a pretty-simple job. (Bad mistake #1) I guess the photos speak for themselves. Someone has been there before me and has butchered the 36mm hex nut that secures the coupling to the water pump pulley. I have given it everything I've got with the...
  17. S

    Viscous Fan on C240 V6 doesn't seem to be working?

    Evening all, The viscous fan on my C240 doesn't seem to be hugely effective lately - if the engine is hot, then doing the old test of attempting to stop the fan blades with a rolled up news paper seems to actually stop the fan! My question is this - can you replace the clutch mechanism...
  18. I

    viscous fan

    going to remove viscous fan hub next weekend on my 1999 e430. 1. is it a 36mm spanner i need to remove it 2. is a left hand thread cheers
  19. K

    question to ECP viscous fan clutch

    Hi ECP, I need new viscous fan clutch/ coupling for my W124 300D 12v, this will be third one in my ownership of this car 3 years or so, and i found one on your website (part no:206220120) . My question is how can I be sure that it was stored/transported correctly (as far as I know it should be...
  20. M

    W124 Viscous fan clutch fitting

    I've just ordered a new viscous fan coupling for my W124 and need some help on how to fit it. For ref, GSF stock Sachs or Febi Bilstein at 35 +vat and ecp stock OTSA at 52 + vat. Having never heard of OTSA I went with the sachs options. From what I can see it "should" be fairly simple. Loosen...
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