1. brucemillar


    Oh dear. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  2. brucemillar

    Audi R8. Whoops.

    https://www.facebook.com/143233165824638/videos/605036706310946/ Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  3. C


    Have been lurking here for a few weeks now so thought I would finally say hello. I have been driving a C250 Sport for the past 3 years and it is heading back to Mercedes Finance on 6th June. I can honestly say that it has been one of the best cars that I have ever owned. 48k miles and 3 years...
  4. grober

    Whoops apocalypse!

    How the American's almost detonated a nuclear bomb over US territory Goldsboro Carolina to be precise - only a single microswitch away from disaster. Makes you wonder how many more near misses there have been. :dk: Goldsboro revisited: account of hydrogen bomb near-disaster over North...
  5. Satch


    Oh dear oh dear...... Driver and his dog get covered in multi-coloured PAINT after he spins off the road with multiple gallons on his back seat | Mail Online
  6. trapperjohn

    Whoops I did it again. 124 Purchased.

    So after having a 210 Estate for a while,followed by a C250 Estate (for sale soon) I went back to my first love. A 124 Estate 3.0 24v Diesel. This one popped up on ebay and sold twice but was never picked up, twice. It has been now though, I did not buy it a the full "fall of hammer" price...
  7. M

    Whoops! I'm in Doncaster...

    How did that happen?! :confused:
  8. Meldrew2


    The £100k car crash: BMW flips and careers into five Mercedes cars at showroom | Mail Online
  9. chriss428

    w124 whoops

    right then guys and girls i was fitting the new fuse box to my G reg 200TE and all went well apart from the wires going to 9 and c got a little muddled up and now i have no revs, speedo, oil pressure or temp however my economical meter still works any help guys?
  10. compress ignite

    Whoops !

    Or Closely inspect that "NEW" GL before accepting delivery. Official: Train, Trestle Damage At $1M Train Carrying Automobiles Caught Fire Monday POSTED: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 UPDATED: 2:48 pm EDT March 16,2010 BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- The damage from a railroad train and trestle that caught...
  11. lynall

    Whoops just stuffed the old girl up the back of a Transit

    Poor old thing:eek: Of course transit tough as old boots some trim damage. My car rad smacked up against fan hub dumped all coolant smashed condensor rad, bumper, wings, lights etc etc Was only saying last night got to give it a service this weekend and get down the paintshop for a...
  12. Godot

    Whoops..Never Mind the Scariest Junctions !!

    [YOUTUBE HD]jfyIGNUnPi0[/YOUTUBE HD] :crazy::crazy::crazy:
  13. Godot


  14. AbbieCadabra

    Whoops! Keys locked in car, Damsel saved within 40 mins!

    at lunch today, for the first time in my 20'ish years of driving, i locked my keys in the boot when i was swapping my bags over (a girl thing! handbag to sports bag as i was off to the gym :p ). as soon as i put the boot down, i realised the keys in my hand were the house ones & the car key...
  15. Peter DLM

    Whoops. Water puddle kills E320 W210

    So I might have gone a little too fast through that puddle in order to beat the 7.5 tonner onto the single carrigeway uphill road...... So, a millisecond after I explode this puddle of water under the car, I get the BAS warning, the ESP warning and the Battery/Alternator warning all together...
  16. Godot

    Whoops!! (SLK ad)

    http://tinyurl.com/2hd3or :(:confused:;)
  17. P

    whoops, oil everywhere :O

    In a continuing struggle to get my newly acquired c250 td running properly, I have today been changing the fuel pipes (nearly £40 from the stealer) and also the lines which connect between injectors. Anyhow, cutting a long story short, the breather pipe? which runs from the back of the rocker...
  18. R


    Ground Control we have a problem...........
  19. pluggers


    Didn't seem to be able to find using the "search" but as my question goes is a speed camera able too "get you" if you travelling in the opposite direction to which it is pointing?One got me tonight :( I was 5mph over. (forgot the thing was there.
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