1. D

    anybody with 8 wireless camera set up must be not wired

    any experts or people with knowledge must be wireless and camera held inside the building i noticed their shutter can be changed so as to make them work is this standard what sort of budget for diy set up any help including supply will be gr8 all i find them from US and china none in the...
  2. K

    W203 subwoofer wired or not

    Hi, I have a c220 cdi with Comand APS NTG2 installed from new and a changer in the glovebox. I want to know if the wiring for a subwoofer would of been installed when new or not with it having the above unit installed? I will investigate the rear shelf to see if I can see anything...
  3. S

    any IVI systems for a w210 300d wired w123 ?

    Hello! My friend's revamping a w123 inside-out, and will be laying out the cables from a w213 300d. His goal is a nice/suitable HD screen/infotainment system. He gave me this as a reference: For 2007~2011 Mercedes Benz C280 C350 C63 - Car HD Screen DVD GPS Radio TV BT CDC SWC MFD HD Screen...
  4. jacobszatan

    wired sound

    Hi lads,i have a problem with my CLS 350 petrol,when I turn the key twice i have three times 3 sounds(bip) signals, no errors on dashboard,nothing at all. Anu ideas,thanks
  5. T

    Bluetooth Audio streaming using iPod/IPhone hard wired connection

    I have an Anystream by Cartronics which I'm offering for sale. It connects to the factory fitted Merc iPod/iPhone connector cable (usually in the glovebox). You can then stream music using bluetooth. More here, if you're interested: Mercedes Bluetooth Audio Streaming iPod/iPhone Cable Adaptor -...
  6. K

    Video Aux enables and wired on Comand online

    Just to let anyone who has Comand online the video aux can be used by using a phono to rca cable which you can get from mercedes.Just plug in your adaptor in the center console (the 3.5mm one) then plug in the lead. I've got a couple for sell on ebay as the order messed up and I ended up with...
  7. B

    What Bluetooth adapter for pre wired phone system 2007 B class.

    Hello, I picked up my new 2007 B170 this evening which I'm really happy with! It has the telephone pre wiring with a draw that pops out and a fixed plug. What adapter do I need to buy so it will link to my iPhone 4 or 5 and the phone book etc are all linked? Thanks! Bigmacplease.
  8. D

    today i wired auto lights on/off with central locking in my W163 ML

    Well as the title really, ive done this a few times to other cars and thought what the hell ill do it to my ML its done in this case by using my interior light to switch a standard automotive 4 pin relay which in turn runs through a standard automotive 5 pin relay to activate my side light...
  9. Lee72

    Wired remote interface

    Does anyone know if there's a magical box of tricks that plugs into the cables connected to the rear of the "Audio 10" head unit that will enable me to use an aftermarket head unit while still retaining the steering wheel controls? I have a 2000 CLK (W208) and intend to fit a pioneer double din...
  10. R

    pre wired for phone or not

    could any body tell me how i can tell if my 2002 ml270 is pre wired for a phone it has command and cd changer. many thanks in advance.
  11. cromerelegance

    E320 pre wired for CD changer?

    Hi Having recently acquired my E320 Elegance I find I am without the original MB radio (Audio 10 I presume?). I would like to find a second hand version and note a siginificant difference in price between the CD version and Radio/Cassette with CD button. As such I was hoping to buy the latter...
  12. stevesey

    202 parcel shelf sub-woofers how are they wired?

    Anyone know how the parcel shelf sub woofers are wired in a 202? They are the standard fit items and as the head unit only has the standard 4 outputs I'm assuming they are passive and wired in parallel with the rear door speakers (and have their own crossover). Reason for asking - was I...
  13. stevesey

    202 Puddle lights (wired to?)

    Anyone know where the correct place to wire these to is? The door controller, the centre light? I could just find the wire coming back from the door switch, but I'd like to know where the proper place is. Could someone with WIS have a look for me? TIA
  14. Flyer

    F1 - Wired cover McLaren and Ferrari story

    This month's Wired has an interesting feature on the McLaren and Ferrari shenanigans from last Summer. Probably best to ignore the 'Inconvenient Truth' b*ll$ck$ though :)
  15. B

    Pre Wired Phone shows Vodafone I'm BT

    I have a face lift w211 with pre wired phone - it works great but why does the display say Vodafone when I'm on BT? In addition does anyone know how to remove the dash middle speaker cover? On the original W211 it was easy but the new one is like mesh so there is nowhere to get into the...
  16. A

    EDIMAX wired ADSL modem/router

  17. Jukie

    Home ADSL: wired to wireless - again!

    OK, I know it' been asked before. I've been through the previous threads on this subject and sadly am none the wiser! Sorry!! :( :o I currently have a simple 1Mb ADSL link to a desktop via a USB ADSL modem. I am considering going wieless and replacing the desktop with a laptop, just so I...
  18. M

    Pre wired phone cradles

    Help!!!!! Have just bought a second hand 04 C class coupe with the command and pre wired fascility.However the car never came with a phone cradle.The thought of paying £112 for a piece of plastic to sit my phone in leaves me a bit cold.Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative or place where...
  19. scruffy

    wired tax disc holder

    thought I'd change my tatty tax disc holder, went to pull it off to find it has an electrical wire connected, guessing its an aerial for hands free, can anyone confirm to save me pulling the dash to bits to trace it. whats the option for changing it to a new position, its a nokia kit. thanks
  20. mercmanuk

    ipod hard wired in a w203

    ive been trawling the mb forums for days ,does anyone know how to wire an ipod into a aps 30 head unit in an w203.ive tried an itrip and its a waste of time very very poor reception.there must be a way of doing this cheers all
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