1. M

    C63 Woo!

    Hey all, just bought a 08 plate c63. I LOVE IT!
  2. D

    Registration DA5 2 WOO

    As above £300 Also have DA55 OFF £450
  3. BTB 500

    Woo hoo ... I'm in the money!

    Just received this - it's genuine, not a scam/spam. I pre-ordered the DVD for a tenner as an Xmas present for my son. They are now selling it for £9.99, hence the refund. Which I assume is costing rather more than 1p to process :rolleyes:
  4. M

    Woo Hoo Picking up my new car on sunday

    Dealers just phoned to say my new cars ready to be collected sunday at 10.30. I was late getting the paperwork for the plate transfer and insurance to them so was expecting to get it next weekend. Happy days. Although I think Mrs Blonde is more excited than me and has already said she is...
  5. arkamelis

    woo woo woo woo woo woo woo noise

    hi all my cars making a noise when i drive, its coming from the rear drivers side wheel area, a friend has looked into it and says its a bearing, has it seems to go away when you drive round a corner . popped into local garage, and thay said, i will need a hub, which has the bearing...
  6. david55amg

    Woo Hoo!!! a new series starts

    At last, series 7 of spooks starts 27th oct 21:00 on bbc1. Got to be the best drama on tv at mo. :D
  7. D

    Woo Hoo and Yee Hah. Petrol coming down.

    Finally back below a quid a litre :bannana::bannana::D:D Station : Asda Tamworth Automat Address : Ventura Park Road, Tamworth, B78 3HB Brand : Asda Distance: 1.32 miles Price : 99.9p Updated : 05-02-2008 Let's have a little bit more of that then please Messrs Shell, BP, Texaco, Esso etc...
  8. Gucci

    Woo hoo! W163 ML350 Inspiration ordered

    :bannana: And so after months of searching, deliberating, boring the girlfriend, scratching my head....I've plumped for the ML350. Pretty much due to the thread left by A210AMG! He's got an ML350 inspiration too and mentioned his actual figures for consumption. Collect mine Thursday....can't...
  9. Thmsshaun

    Woo Hoo!!!!!

    Well finish at 11:30 tomorrow and that me untill the 3rd. Cant Wait. Sorry for the pointless post but feel like sharing my joy. Need the rest! :D Are many people working through? EDIT* Double yay my pointless post is my 2000th :bannana:
  10. Howard

    Woo Hoo !!! My Bilsteins Have Arrived

    They sure look pretty on my dining table :( Doubt they will be in the car anytime soon unless i can pull off a bank job over the weekend or something...... Maybe see if i can find enough change down the back of the sofa for a lottery ticket on Saturday beofre raiding the neighbours bins...
  11. GRAV888

    Yee Haa. Woo Hoo. Yippee etc etc etc

    Just found out an hour ago, I'm gonna be a dad again. :bannana: :bannana: And there was me thinking the old chap had stopped firing on all cylinders :D
  12. Howard

    Woo Hoo - Chrome Speedo Rings!!

    Finally got them fitted after work today, very fiddley!!! but well worth it !! :D Heres a piccy, sorry about the flash !
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