1. lfckeeper

    What's going on here? (Paintwork repair gone wrong)

    Took the car in a few weeks ago to get a dent repaired .... noticed this yesterday .... anyone know why this has happened? Taking it back to the shop that did it on Monday
  2. 5

    May have wrong production discs 05 CLS 55 AMG(please read)

    Hi guys I recently had my brakes changed where I bought the car from. some time after my brakes started to make a horrible screeching noise when braking. So I had a look at the brakes and notice that the grooves on the disc are facing the opposite direction from each other. I was alway under...
  3. S

    C63 front tyres - 245 30 19 - wrong ones

    Mod please delete as double post
  4. S

    C63 front tyres - 245 30 19 - wrong ones

    Folks Like an absolute numpty, I ordered 245 30 19 Michelin PSS from camskill instead of 2453519 to try and go slightly wider on the front of my c63. Looking at the two tyres, there seem to be some diameter differences and circumference variances. Can I still fit them? Not worried about...
  5. K

    Have I bought the wrong Merc? (2005 CLK350)

    Hello everyone, brand new to the forum and would welcome any advise. Just acquired a 2005 CLK350 for what i thought was good money with 87k miles... That was until I noticed the "balance shaft issues due to defective sprockets/parts that wear out prematurely. Hands up, should have done my...
  6. BrianWSussex

    Wrong W204/5 Type Number ?

    Can anyone explain the vin and type numbers? Purchased new C250d Sept 2016 definitely a W205. Noticed recently V5C Reg doc says Type W204 under the Reg date. The door pillar tag shows correct VIN number (W205). To the left of that it says Type W204. Can anybody explain those numbers...
  7. B

    what's wrong with this car?

    this car simply doesn't sell even if it is the last one on the market Mercedes-Benz E Class 5.5 E63 AMG MCT 5dr what is wrong with it?
  8. Gh3382

    Wrong fuel but car is better

    Last week I decided to drop 55 ltrs of unleaded into my 350ML which had 10 Ltrs of diesel in it. I went about 500 yards and it died on me and I knew straight away what I had done. The AA couldnt get fuel assist to me so they flatbedded it home and came out in the morning. Nearly 2...
  9. M

    Did we made wrong choice..?? BMW 5 series or Audi A6 better than W213..?

    I love to hear "No"!!
  10. J

    Put the wrong fuel in! Can anyone help?

    Hi all, my names James, i'm new here. I have just purchased a CLA 220 Diesel with pretty much every option apart from the panoramic roof. I work most days so i only drive it occasionally, but when i do it is such a treat. Last night on my way home from a meal out with my wife i stupidly put...
  11. Peter Michaels

    Wrong injectors fitted

    Hello can anyone please tell me what the danger is driving with wrong injectors? I drive a 2002 MB C class 220 CDI diesel estate. One day it would not start and my mechanic rung me to say it needs 3 injectors. He said he can get them from the breakers yard for £60 each. I agree and he replaced...
  12. Dannyallen89

    Aftermarket grill fitting wrong?

    Hey so I bought a grill off somebody online to go on my s204 tried to fit it and it looked crooked on my car but was fine on there's. They have a 2012 w204 mines a 2013 s204 is there anything different or was the grill maybe bent in transit. Thanks all Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  13. JohnEclass

    Wrong Plates

    So last August I bought my C300, lots of issues with engine management light and missing spare key took a couple of months to sort out, with lots of complaining to dealership and their customer service department. In amongst all this they changed the plates over as it still had a private reg...
  14. A

    MOST loop adaptors - wrong connection?

    Trying to bypass digital TV module to identify a fault. Bought a female MOST loop cable, but once I got the TV module out, I found a combined power and optical connection on the back. Splitting out the optical, it's just a narrow male connection (like the one which goes into the Nav DVD under...
  15. R

    Five garages and no one knows what is wrong.

    The AA, my regular garage, a Merc specialist, a brake specialist and a Merc engineer have all looked at my car and agree there is a real issue, but none know what it is. The latest idea is that it is a gearbox issue. Does anyone on here have an idea or how I can diagnose the issue? The...
  16. D

    Wrong reg number on my car.

    Driving home for Manchester yesterday around the Penrith area the engine diagnostic light comes on (orange) on the dashboard of our 9 month old E220. I carried on to Carlisle and called into dealership. As it was 5pm on a Friday I imagined I'd have to book it in but they got onto it straight...
  17. DSB SL AMG

    Does This Look Wrong...?

    Just got back from a few days in sunny espana....saw this parked up one night, looks just crud to me:dk::doh:
  18. Fudger

    Purchased wrong wiper blades

    Chaps, bought some Bosch blades A939S as that was what popped up on Europarts and Halfords, when I put in my registration. However, they are 'side fitting' whereas mine are 'slide in' type. Any idea where I went wrong or what Bosch number I should have bought? Car is a 2015 E63 Estate...
  19. Nasco12

    What is wrong with my flip-out key?

    For many months it has worked just fine. Now, it will not unlock the car remotely. Or lock it. However, stick the key in the ignition and it works fine. I have swapped the batteries with my other key (which is fully functional) and nothing changes. I know it is transmitting a signal because...
  20. gbjeppm

    What to do next after wrong part supplied?

    Hi All, Would appreciate your thoughts on what to do next. I bought a new clutch from a certain online motor factor, using the car registration number. When i picked it up I asked them to check that it was the right part for the car. Its for a 2000 E39 BMW, that my son owns. So a BMW clutch...
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