1. B

    55W Xenon HID Can-Bus Questions

    Firstly, a big hello to one and all, I picked up my 2002 C320 yesterday and I am absolutely delighted.............................WHAT A CAR!!!!!! I paid Mondeo money to get an imacculate C320 with AMG wheels and a nice AMG badge on the back............Woo Hoo!!!! Anyway, I am installing a...
  2. L

    Xenon bulb replacement

    Hi all, one of the xenon bulbs on the CLK is starting to change colour and I don't think quite as bright so thinking of changing both very soon. Anybody had an experience of Blesk HID bulbs. Any feedback would be most welcome. Thanks Lockking
  3. M

    Brand New Genuine Mercedes Xenon Bulb

    Hi everybody, I have for sale, one brand new in box genuine Mercedes xenon bulb. Mercedes Benz Parts Inchcape sell the bulb for £96 each. Link: XENON BULB - Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape Part No. N910139000001 Open to offers via PM. Thanks for looking.
  4. R

    Head Light Bulb Options

    Hello all, I have a 2008 Mercedes E220 cdi, and I have a head light bulb gone, I have been told that a new one is £80, which I was shocked at. Would anyone have any ideas where I may get a cheaper one, or if I can revert back to the non Xenon headlights? Any advice would be gratefully...
  5. U

    W210 Xenon Headlights

    Hi, I have noticed my headlight not self levelling as it should, i have forgotten whether it should dip up than then level down. or start up and then adjust upwards, can someone kindly tell how this works?:dk: I now have a beam that seems to look for UFO's :doh: and I'm not sure what it could...
  6. A

    w203 2006 C200 Sedan Bi Xenon

    Hi, I am looking for used but in good working condition along with xenon bulbs and blasts. Anyone wanna sell let me know at malang1214(at)gmail.com. Thanks.
  7. C

    [parts] genuine xenon bulbs D2S

    Hello MB fans! I would like to offer you genuine xenon bulbs D2S Philips 85122. All bulbs are brand new in original boxes. Our eBay auctions: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160671306596?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_3784wt_1185...
  8. mirras

    Here I go again..... broken car

    After 3 months without the issues, hassles and grief that go with Mercedes ownership, I decided life was too easy and bought a '56 plate w221 on Friday..... Guess where it's going tomorrow.... That's right, MB workshop for repair. Nothing major I hope, ABS, ESP, Tyre pressure detection...
  9. G

    For Sale: W202 Oem Xenon Ballasts

    Made by Bosch, pulled off of a C43 a while back and retrofitted into my c230k. my car got in an accident with a tall truck that only destroyed the front part of the hood, grill, corner lights and oem xenon headlight assemblies. These ballasts were protected inside of the car. Insurance will...
  10. G


    Hi All I have just bought a 2009MY CLS320CDI with lots of nice options, however I was somewhat surprised at the abscence of headlamp washers. Is it possible to retrofit? The car is under MB warranty will this be invalidated if I buy xenon bulbs and power supply? cheers Graham
  11. K

    SL (R129) Xenon headlamps

    Hi guys, I want to upgrade my standard headlights with OEM Xenons. A gentleman on Ebay is selling a set of lights for a ridiculous £900 (am hoping to haggle him down to a lot lot less). What i want to know is , is the installation a simple 'plug and play' as i have been told most factory...
  12. Z

    W209 Xenon Self Levelling

    Hi, one of my Xenon lights has stopped doing the self leveling! It is the front passenger side one and it just points down to the ground which is very annoying! The driver side one is working perfect and i can see it adjust when i turn on the lights. Any ideas what might be up with this? Is it...
  13. C

    Xenon problem

    I have a W211 E270 with Bi-xenons. On a recent journey it was apparent that my headlights were malfunctioning. We were going on holiday so the boot was unusually full. At times they seemed to be pointing too low and then they would wave up and down, point too high for a short while and then wave...
  14. S

    2002 W210 Estate Xenon Failure

    Hi. RE' My 02/2002 E320 CDI Avantgarde. Nearside Xenon Philips D2R (4300 35W)has failed. I've replaced it however still not working. I've checked the fuse supply which is OK. I know that these systems have a ballast (resistor?) arrangement together with a control unit. In order to dig...
  15. K

    C220 CDI Sport (W204) - Halogen --> Xenon Upgrade/Fit Help

    Hello, I know theres probably hundreds of threads discussing the very same thing I am about to ask. I apologise but currently my internet is being stupid and not allowing me to load the search results correctly. I own a 11 plate C220 CDI Sport but unfortunately doesn't have the bi-xenon...
  16. aka$h

    W211 Xenon headlights

    I need a pair of w211 xenon lights, condition is not important, broken lugs, outer glass or housing. I need them to retro fit into my w210, so I will only be using the internal projector and the ballasts. Anyone have anything?
  17. K

    Xenon - Self leveling retrofit

    Hi all I have been searching the net and all the forums but cannot find the information I want. I recently bought an Cat B E270 so I could use it for spares for my own E270, one of the main things I wanted to do was retrofit the xenon headlamps, so I fitted them and found that most of the...
  18. T

    New xenon lights w211

    Hello, After a small accident I got my bumper and right head light changed at MB work shop. All was fine untill I saw that the colour of the light is not the same. It seems that the old Bi Xenon light are whiter than the new one which are more yellowish ( see picture). Also it says on the new...
  19. L

    Red tinge to Xenon headlight

    Hi all, noticed the nearside Xenon has a rosy redish tint compared with the offside which is the normal white/blue. Does this mean the bulb whatever is on the way out? cheers Lockking
  20. gina2201

    W202 Factory Fit Xenon problem.....

    Hello again, I think my BF is fed up with this car already he has already fixed the climate control light and is trying to trace down the heated rear window not working but now one of the factory fit Xenon's is not working! GRRRRR :wallbash: It is the nearside light and he has checked the...
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