1. V

    W209 mid-face Xenon headlights

    Hello guys, I recently bought OEM Xenon headlights for my CLK and I plan to retrofit these. I also bought the cables from the front and rear axle. However, I am not sure what should I do now. On the right headlight, there are 3 sockets - 4 pins, 5 pins and 6 pins. My original connector is...
  2. W124ali

    W210 E Class - Can the halogen be replaced with xenon?

    Hello all Just a question thats been bugging me. Can one replace the halogen headlights on the 210 E-Class with xenon headlights? Does the wiring and/or plugs differ? Thanks
  3. R

    W204 2013 headlight upgrade to xenon

    Hi guys, deciding to upgrade my headlights from the normal halogen lights to the xenon headlamps. Checked online and I'm surprised I couldn't find anyone actually talking about this. Any help will be grateful, I will also post pictures along the upgrade Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  4. clk320x

    Can you adjust CLK Xenon from RHD to LHD

    Is it possible to change the beam from RHD spec to LHD spec on a 209 with Xenon's? I read somewhere there is a lever somewhere but it was a pretty **** explanation Cheers
  5. clk320x

    New Mercedes Benz OEM xenon Ballast A2038209385 Bosch:130732907201 W209 W203 CLK C

    New Mercedes Benz xenon OEM Ballast A2038209385 Bosch:130732907201 W209 W203 CLK C Class Brand new in MB box. RRP £350 Box is tatty as was old stock and seems to have been stored a few years however it is brand new and unused I bought this online thinking I'd need it for my car but I needed a...
  6. L

    Xenon Headlight, SCN coding and tourist mode

    thought I might share these musings...I bought a control module off eBay, xenon headlight control module. It is a Hella unit, same as the Mercedes OEM but half the price. I fitted it myself - (quite easy) only to discover it didn't activate the main beam. After a few phone calls to Mercedes I...
  7. clk320x

    Xenon Nightmare!

    I believe I have finally found the reason behind my dreaded Xenon nightmare See Star Bulletin: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pw394u7om0...B1%5D.pdf?dl=0 I believe I need to order the relevant kit for the igniter replacement, and it seems to be not too bad of a job? Bottom page it mentions...
  8. D

    W163. Ml500 xenon headlamps - simple swap ?

    Hi , like most people , my lamps on my newly purchased ml500 are fogged . Yes they can be polished but it's never as good a new shiny lamps . So Looking at new units , the only difference I can see between xenon and halogen is thebalast plugged in at the bottom ? Can I just buy a new...
  9. M

    W211 Xenon

    My 2004 E320 has factory fitted HID and one of my bulbs had gone yesterday, I was just about to order some and noticed that some are 35 watts and some are 55w, I think originally my ones are 35w and I'm not sure if fitting 55w would work just like using 100w halogens instead of 55w on older...
  10. clk320x

    W209 Xenon Earth Point

    Can anybody confirm the earthing points for W209s for the Xenon lights? As of previous threads mine fail to start sometimes and need restarting before working perfectly Will check earth before replacing bulbs or SAM? As both sides are affected not sure if last owner put in cheap bulbs, as...
  11. mcshape

    W212 OSRAM upgrade bulbs! (XENON HELP!)

    Hey All I have read on a number of forums that in November 2010 Mercedes changed the HID bulbs in the EClass from Philips 4300K to OSRAM 5000K for increase brightness and overall awesomeness. As my car was delivered in July 2010 its has the older 4300K bulbs, One of my Xenon bulbs just died...
  12. M.A.94

    W210 Auto adjustable xenon headlights

    OK before I start I know this has been discussed on the forum before, Ive searched and searched but cant seem to find the thread. Anyways my headlights on my w210 are out of alignment, the cause for this is the little rod which is by the diff has snapped off. Could someone tell me what this...
  13. L

    W211 Bi Xenon flickering

    My nearside headlight has just started flickering. Those that have fixed this, was it the igniter unit on the back of lamp or the control unit under the headlight? Is there a way of diagnosing without replacing various parts? Many thanks all.
  14. R

    W212 which xenon bulb??

    One of my xenon bulbs is starting to go pinkish so looking to replace the pair. Which ones are as close to oem as possible osram or Phillips? And what colour temperature are the oem bulbs 4100k or 4300k? Obviously getting them for merc is ridiculously expensive so not going down that route!
  15. R

    xenon bulb problems w211

    Hello I have bought 55w xenon bulb from ebay. My old bulb was flicking and then suddenly left side blew*the bulb was white( I had installed 55w bulb, but it wont light up. Is that normal, or it might be the ballast. w211 e270 2003
  16. A

    W211 Xenon problem

    Hi everyone, I own a 2006 E280 and I'm experiencing an issue with the passenger side xenon headlamp. It started to flicker occasionally about a year ago and has now stopped working completely. I assumed if was the bulb and bought a replacement but it is still dead so its not that. I've also...
  17. SW18

    'Intelligent lighting system inoperative' warning, and one xenon bulb is out

    Any thoughts or advice is welcome! I am hoping it is just that a bulb has gone, but I'd have expected a message that the bulb is gone rather than a message about the ILS. There's also a message that the Adaptive Lighting is inoperative. Funny enough the cornering lamps that are part of the ILS...
  18. clk320x

    W209 Xenon headlight Issue please help :)

    Hi guys, I wonder if someone could offer some advice/ has had any experience with a similar problem. My xenon dipped beams have been presenting problems for me lately and it's really driving me mad now :) Ok so basically, when I switch on the car sometimes both headlights/ one headlight...
  19. G

    E55 1998 - Xenon lights swapping of

    Hi guys, I have (what I believe) are 'non adjusting' xenon head lights. I've found a pair of 'auto adjust' headlights, will they fit my car? One of my lights has a small crack in it and the other has condensation. Here is a photo, please correct me if I am wrong in my assumptions. The front...
  20. R

    Xenons on a non Xenon CLK

    I am desperately wanting some xenons on my CLK. Are you able to simply buy the bulbs that give off the Xenon look or do you need to totally replace the headlight? If its just bulbs does anybody have any recommendations?
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