1. S

    Bi xenon w203 supplier

    Afternoon. I'm Looking for a pair of aftermarket Bi Xenon headlights, my 2002 C270 currently has std halogen units. I have found units on eBay and Amazon but most are from America and will be lhd and the other set I found are in Australia and shipping is a bit steep. Are there any UK...
  2. M

    Xenon bulbs

    Just replaced my xenon bulbs today with new osram zenarc bulbs but the drivers side goes pink after about 5-seconds, would this be a faulty bulb?
  3. Andy67

    W209 Clk 270 Xenon

    My Xenon Bulb drivers side as stop working, I was intending to swop them around to see whats whats. There is not much room to see inside the unit how to remove the bulbs Is there a easy fix to this, or do I have to remover front bumper and inner wheel liners. to get the headlight unit off.
  4. azaman

    Genuine Xenon Ballast

    Xenon ballast and level control module in almost as new condition. Fits several models from around 2006 on - please check part nos before buying. Purchased a few years ago and only ended up being used for a month, been sat in a cupboard since. Asking £80 ono + p&p which is a fraction of the...
  5. bob6600

    W210 Xenon Headlamps

    For sale on behalf of a friend, I was temped to keep these myself as they are in better condition than mine! Used but in very good condition, removed from a facelift W210 Working perfectly, all bulbs tested and included Ballasts and electric motors included, washers are available if...
  6. P

    upgrading xenon bulbs

    I find the standard hid bulbs on the w211 really poor How easy is it to upgrade them to get a decent amount of light Thanks
  7. MancMike

    Xenon Headlights pointing upwards now

    Hi, I'd quarter of a tank of 99 RON in my tank and thought I'd be immature and have a bit of a hoon on my way home. Then as I got nearer home, other traffic arrived and so I settled down to normal driving. I got flashed at by an oncoming nice E-Class. I checked and hadn't accidentally knocked...
  8. A

    Groupbuy possibility for the W204. Xenon look headlight upgrade. Please note interest

    MOD's? Can you confirm this is ok to post? Don't have access to PM's until my 30th post so couldn't speak to anyone first. Hi all After weeks of searching over practically every continent on the planet i have finally found a source for RHD OEM Xenon look headlights for the W204. I have...
  9. M

    R129 xenon headlights

    May go cheap?? Normally fetch 500.00 used. Great if your looking to upgrade personally in not a fan but they seem to be a popular mod. Linky http://ebay.to/1MDJGKO
  10. A

    W209 CLK Xenon Conversion

    Hi, I am looking for fit xenons in my CLK and was wondering if there were any plug and play set out there or if I have to retrofit some. If I have to retrofit is there any guides on how this is done? Also can anyone recommend any bulbs that are the closest to xenon in the meantime? Thanks...
  11. zenman63

    Vito Viano Bi xenon retro fit.

    As some will know I have been looking at this hop up a while now and collecting parts to swap the stock face lift lights to Bi xenon. I now have the new bumper and the washers along with the new light switch with the washer button with auto lights and as I have air self levelling rear i don't...
  12. M

    w211 e270 convert simple xenon to bi xenon headlights

    Hi guys. I have a w211 from 2003 avantgarde with xenon low beam. I want to purchase bixenon headlights and I don`t know if it can fit plug and play without any erors in dashboard. Please help
  13. T

    Is there a 'HOW TO' for replacing Xenon bulbs

    Guys, Did look thru the 3 pages of 'How to', but did not see anything on changing xenon bulbs!! Does one exist? Please can someone send a link? Can this be done safely DIY? Regards
  14. K

    Are all W215 Xenon's the same?

    Hi Guys, I'm in the process of importing a 2005 CL500 UK car to Switzerland. I need some LHD headlights. I find plenty of pre facelift lights for reasonable money (no real surprise there) but not post facelift lights. When I look at the pictures they do seem to have different lenses - but is...
  15. S

    Question sl500 no horn no left xenon right indicator side light windscreen jets after

    Hi guys my friend recently got a sl500 2005 (late 05) because he finally wanted to have a luxury car in his life for the first time after many years of working hard and not having enough to treat himself. he did not use the car for 3 weeks here in London and it rained heavily and a family...
  16. Timster

    S211 Xenon Headlights - Advice Please

    Hi. My S211 has the Factory Xenon's. The bulbs are pretty dim I suspect they're still the originals. I'm hoping to replace them with like for like. Not interested in any of this fancy blue gas discharge stuff - just want a brighter light for night driving than I currently have but as...
  17. D

    r129 original xenon lens info please?

    Hi, Someone who has correct original xenon headlamps on their sl for driving on the left (UK). I need all the markings including numbers, letters and arrows from the front of your xenon lenses so that I can compare with a second hand pair I am thnking of buying so that I can avoid buying the...
  18. D

    2004 xenon light not working just flashing

    Hi newbie here Just bought 2004 e class 320d What a lovely car the passenger side headlight has packed up. ive changed the bulb at £100 and the ignitor that attaches to the bulb but still nothing Any ideas guys on a cheap fix please please please
  19. N

    Bi Xenon Headlamp Problem

    Hi I am new here so please be gentle with me! When I was on my way home from work tonight, someone flashed me to say my headlamps were on main beam. The lights are on auto and the main beam isn't engaged (as they found out when I did flash them!) However, I am a little confused as to...
  20. V

    W204 Xenon Replacement Bulbs

    Anyone changed the Philips XenStart D1S bulbs that originally come in the W204 2011-2013 models? Was thinking to fit the Philips Xenon BlueVision D1S
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