1. S

    W211 Xenon n/s low beam

    Hi Just noticed the nearside low beam is out on my w211 e220 cdi. The offside is fine. Should I just buy a replacement bulb or is there likely to be something else wrong here? Can anyone tell me what type of bulb is required? It is an HID Xenon I think. Any help appreciated cheers.
  2. clk320x

    Xenon nightmare

    Hi everyone, on my 2003 w209 the xenon dipped beams have been playing up. Sometimes it will say dipped beam left out and then bulb won't switch on, however if I switch off and on a few times it'll work sometimes not, then some days the right beam won't work and again off/on may or may not get it...
  3. Justin1600

    W202 / C43 AMG Xenon Headlamps and Ballast units

    A pair of very good condition genuine Xenon Headlights with both Xenon bulbs and both Ballast boxes. £500
  4. H

    Xenon ballast

    hi,Been offered a secondhand headlamp ballast for my 2007 e280cdi, would anyone know if this has to be coded or is it just plug n play ........many thanks
  5. smoothcoupe

    W211 e55 o/s xenon headlamp.

    Hi guys I'm after a os headlamp for my 2004 E55.
  6. smoothcoupe

    2004 e55 os xenon lamp problem

    I've got hold of a second hand xenon lamp unit complete with ecu and ballast packs / bulbs etc. Can this be fitted direct as plug n play or would it need coding to vehicle??
  7. MWCLS

    Retro fitting Xenon headlights to a C209 CLK MY 2006

    I recently purchased a CLK 280 Coupe 2006 model 1 Doctor owner with 60k and full MB history the car is in amazing condition and has a good spec unusal colour bluey silver ( AMG factory body kit and wheels ) adjustable air seats. The audio 20 was outed by the previous owner for a aftermarket...
  8. smoothcoupe

    2004 e55 xenon lamp problem

    Hi again people. I posted yesterday that os bulb was out. Tried new bulb no light. Then tried new ballast still no light. It seem there is no power to the os lamp. Any ideas????
  9. smoothcoupe

    W211 xenon headlight bulb replacement ?

    Hi all. My 2004 E55k requires drivers side xenon bulb. Are they easy to change. And where is the best place to buy the bulb apart from dealer. What type of bulb are they?? Thanks.
  10. C

    Xenon Headlamp Removal R129

    Hi Are there any threads or advice on how to remove the front headlamp from the r129. YouTube has nothing relevant and I've disassembled the unit all apart from one cable that looks to be from inside the lamp to something on the car frame. My guess would be the ballast. Unsure where to go...
  11. C

    R129 headlight replacement parts - Xenon

    Hi, need to get my headlight working. I'm advised there is a reasonably priced replacement set of igniters and ballast that can purchased for the xenon headlamps. Can anyone recommend a site or set? Your help as ever is very much appreciated.
  12. S

    Xenon bulb replacement

    Hi All, N/S BIxenon has given up the ghost on my 2007 E280CDi, went pink, then lilac, then dead. Nearly every bulb selector on the internet says the bulb is a D2S fitting but I have removed the cover so I can see the back of the bulb and it is marked as PHILIPS XenStart D1S 35W E1 04J DOT...
  13. F

    A207, C207 Xenon height sensor

    Does anyone know part number for this sensor? MB got them front, back ?
  14. P

    Xenon bulb gone purple!!!

    W211 2003 One of the bulbs seems to have gone purple suddenly, is it gone? Cheapest place for a replacement pleas...
  15. T

    W219 Xenon Lights

    Is it correct that the first generation CLS W219, if it has Xenon headlights the fog lights are oval, not round? I was told this before... Looking at some AutoTrader listings, I can see a clear difference between fog lights, some are larger and oval, most have small 'spot' lights. Yet...
  16. M

    C class W204 xenon headlights- halogen replacements

    W204 2011+ Facelift CCFL Xenon Headlight w/LED Indicator BLACK Mercedes-Benz | eBay selling as i'm putting my car back to standard, they look fantastic and perform far better than standard.
  17. kg9

    W211 Xenon Headlamp unit

    Dashboard display indicates " display faulty visit workshop" no lights or washers Front passenger side Mercedes Weybridge diagnose using STAR that the SAM is not talking to the headlamp Explain problem to Mercedes Tonbridge, order new SAM 2 days and after 2 hr way informed it's not the SAM...
  18. F

    Xenon leveling front and rear sensors.

    Does anyone know where are located Xenon leveling front and rear sensor for C207 ?
  19. R

    W209 CLK Xenon melted! *PICTURES*

    Hi, a friend of mine has a w209 clk and recently the passenger headlight started flicking and eventually went out. We went to go change it and found the actual connector and bulb had melted! Has anyone actually seen this happen before? The bulb was recently changed 3 months prior to this with a...
  20. D

    US Xenon compatibility

    Could anyone please let me know if the USA Xenon headlamp for my W212 2010 would be compatible? Thank you in advance
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