1. M

    sl129 xenon bulb change

    :dk:Hello all, xenon bulb out on my sl129 2001, book says only dealer change xenon bulbs, as it could be fatal even if lights and ignition turned off? I know bulbs and ignitors are expensive, parts will be £200 and one hours labour to fix at £193!!!!!!!!! help please, all comments...
  2. W

    CLK 270 CDI XENON Bulb Retainer Clip

    Hello, So I took my car to get a replacement xenon bulb fitted today and was told the retainer clip from the passenger side headlamp is missing, the one that holds the dipped bulb. The car is a W209, 2003 reg, CLK 270CDI with Xenons. Does anyone have one I can purchase or know of...
  3. M

    Rear axle level sensor for Xenon W203 W209

    I once had a photo from a W209 CLK which showed me where the rear axle sensor was mounted. I have since misplaced that image and now cant find any document in WIS which is relevant to the "updated" location. The WIS documents show the old "trailing arm clamp" and various other details...
  4. P

    Xenon light

    Hi, I think I upgrade the headlight for xenon for my c class.someone know it's work for the money or not big different between the Osram night breaker and the xenon? Thx
  5. The Boss

    R170 - Xenon lamp HID kit advice please

    hello On the SLK, I am thinking to upgrade the low beam normal head lamps to xenon i am not changing the headlight housing, only the HID kit and i presume H7 fitment.. 1. is this illegal as i do not have projector headlamps 2. i want a colour lower than usual Xenons, to be more fitting for...
  6. B

    w211 facelift xenon headlight unit

    Hi Guys, Been looking now for a offside xenon headlamp unit for my 2007 e320 estate. Done loads of searches through the various salvage/scrap yard internet based search engines i.e. 247, find apart etc etc........been looking on Ebay for ages now, theres 3 on their but wrong side. Is...
  7. bob6600

    [WANTED] W210 N/S Xenon headlamp

    As title, must be good condition and fully working for facelift model Thanks
  8. B

    After market xenon and DAB+ radio

    Hi guys, First time poster here. Wondering if anyone could help. I'm look for after market xenon headlamps for my W209 but all the ones I find are for LHD cars. My car currently has halogens and I want to upgrade them. Ideall I'd like ones that look like the factory ones but don't cost a...
  9. B

    w211 2007 bi xenon headlights

    Hi, Am looking for a pair of bi xenon headlights to repair my front end damaged car, would buy single units if available to make a pair. Bob
  10. A

    Bi Xenon Headlights for W212

    Hi All, I am looking for Bi Xenon Headlights (both sides) for E250 2009 (W212). Any help much appreciated.. Thanks
  11. S

    Intermittent xenon fault.

    Hi all, Iv been having some issues with my Xenon lights on my W203 which has progressively got worse. Both sides ( Usally firsts thing in the morning ) struggle to light up, sometimes the left and side and sometimes the right. This morning both sides went I had to turn the engine off and on...
  12. jeremy156

    W221 - How do I adjust headlight beam for continental driving?

    On my W211 E-class there was a lever within the Xenon headlamp housing that pulled the shutter to an angle that provided a flat headlamp beam rather than a being raised to the left - thereby making it suitable for continental driving. I've just started driving a W221 S-class but I'm...
  13. reason42

    W204 C250 with Xenon ILS - being flashed at

    Hello all, Driving around the country lanes my ILS is a fantastic aid. If an oncoming car approaches it automatically dips etc. All well and expected. However, even when always dipped I'm still getting flashed at as if I have the main beam on. I then saw coming towards me in the dark...
  14. F

    Pair of OEM Bi Xenon Headlamps - W203

    Hi, If anyone is intrested i have access to a complete pair of used OEM Bi Xenon headlamps for a W203 Saloon (come complete with everything) and would be a simple plug and play modification. If intrested please PM me. Please note that the headlmaps will only fit a saloon and cannot be...
  15. Merty

    Xenon Hid lights on w211 e class

    Hi guys , hope everyone is enjoying their weekend this is my first and goes question i have is how would I be able to put XENON hiss on my car. It's an 07 plate e class. I have the genuine lights on it now but would rather be good if I had xenon a. Any views from anyone.? Thanks
  16. astamir

    W208 mercedes clk xenon headlight level sensor

    Hi Level sensor needed for mercedes w208 clk with xenon lights It's the sensor with small link fitted to suspension arm please pm if you have one available Thanks
  17. Jumbojim

    Xenon Bulbs

    I need to change the dipped head light bulb on a 2002 CL500. The user manual says I must take the job to the main dealer. Why is there anything that stops this from being a DIY job?
  18. J

    Xenon D2S Bulbs 5000k or 6000k?

    Just need some expert advice around which bulbs 5000k or 6000k would look the best with the excellent LED side lights I purchased from Killerhetz? The stock (factory) bi-xenon fitted to my CLS look a little dull since fitting the LED’s but I don’t want the new lights to look over the top/boy...
  19. Derfinn

    R129 xenon headlights for sale £500

    Hi all! I have imported 600SL from Japan to Finland and it has xenon headlight fitted for lefthand drive market (Japan, UK etc). I love those lights and they are in excellent condition but unfortunately I have to sell them because I cannot pass MOT with those lights in Finland due to...
  20. ngenius1

    Xenon Bulb needed

    Looking for a Philips D2R xenon bulb, as one of mine has blown. If anyone has one or knows where to buy cheaply other than ebay, please let me know. Thanks.
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