1. carnut

    Xmas book

    Santa brought me Curves ..A book on northern Italy mountain passes with wonderful pictures. I've been on some of the passes but didn't really have time to truly appreciate the views when it seemed prudent to concentrate on the next bend! This book is a must for those who have, or a planning a...
  2. S

    Did anyone get any xmas presents for their Mercedes?

    I got a dash cam for mine, so will be busy fitting it over the Xmas period
  3. Lennox

    Christmas lights? Unnecessary tat or Xmas spirit?

    Well my lights are up and I really like them but Neighbour drove past yesterday shaking his head.... too early? Too much? Or was it Scrouge??
  4. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 11th Dec - Xmas Lunch

    It's been a while since we last got together at MB World, and even longer since we last gathered for Xmas Lunch. The plan is as usual for these events; to gather at MB World at around 11:00 - discuss cars in the car park - retire to the showroom for a quick warming coffee and inspection of...
  5. H

    Xmas present idea

    I'm trying to decide who I could give this book to http://www.amazon.ca/Natural-Harvest-Collection-Semen-Based-Recipes/dp/1481227041/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8&tag=
  6. carat 3.6

    Xmas survivors...

    So I seem to have gained two more pets at the workshop. :cool:
  7. Giantvanman

    Most pointless or useless Xmas present thread

    This is not me being ungrateful, far from it. I am merely pointing out the deficiency in the thought process when I open the bid with:- Aftershave………..I have a full beard and have had one for more than twenty years. On the bright side, it'll fill that space in the drawer next to the other...
  8. steve333

    Happy xmas!

    Hope all forum members/guests have a happy xmas and a prosperous new year,off work and visiting family from now until the new year,stay safe!
  9. jamesfuller

    Xmas present for myself

    I'm very excited! :bannana: I have wanted one of these for a while, I think originally Charles Morgan put the idea in my head so will blame him. I'm going to pick her up tomorrow, it will mean spending a few hours in an Audi to get there! I've even managed to tax it with no problems...
  10. AshC63

    What have you got the Mrs for Xmas?

    Every year i struggle on this ... I ask ' What would you like for Christmas? ..& I normally here the following .. 1. Nothing ive got everything ..( but she expects something under the tree ) 2. I want your time ..( I see you every bloody night love ) 3. You choose something nice...
  11. merc85

    Merry Xmas woof woof !!

    My Yorkshire Terrier (Harley) is getting in the Christmas mood he was abit cold tonight so he put his Santa's outfit on lol:D
  12. Reggie-rock

    Hernia op & Xmas shopping

    One week to go before I have my second hernia operation this year so while I am recovering will do all my Christmas shopping on line which will help ease the traffic at shopping centres by minus one car. Sorry for this boring Thread:wallbash:
  13. JethroUK

    Shall I treat my shiny Merc to a new plate for Xmas?

    My initials are CJK Found this plate for £399 Seems like a good price Shall I treat my shiny Merc for Xmas?
  14. J

    Xmas gifts :)

    Anyone get anything good for Xmas for their cars? I Got a carbon splitter and carbon boot lip spoiler for Xmas just had time to fit them both :)

    Xmas day brake failure

    Having been invited to our daughters for Xmas dinner we decided to take the wifes Hyundai Matrix , so that she could drive us home and i could have a drink. (She can only drive an automatic ).Had to pick my mother up on the way. Pulled up outside of mothers , collected mother and parcels , put...
  16. S

    Exclusive MBClub UK Xmas and New Year Offer from Eurocharged

    Please see the thread below http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/amg-performance-lounge/164013-exclusive-mbclub-uk-xmas-new-year-offer-eurocharged.html
  17. S

    Exclusive MBClub.co.uk Xmas and New Year Offer from Eurocharged

    Exclusive MBClub UK Xmas and New Year Offer from Eurocharged Not another offer I hear you say! Well this one has a different twist, the start for Eurocharged in the UK has been FAR better than expected we more than doubled our projected sales and customer base. The vast majority of this...
  18. kalvin928

    who's not looking forward to Xmas?

    Well I'm really not... all my family of wife, kids, father & mother are all off to India. and I have to stay due to work.. I am at a tether to see what I can do to pass the time..and most ideas seem to solely involved with the car... there is only so much beer, food and films you can watch...
  19. E

    Turkey for xmas?

    Turkey Bomb Prank!! - YouTube
  20. LTD

    2013 Scottish XMAS GTG

    Do we have any interest in meeting up pre-Xmas for a lunch and a natter ? I'm up for it. Stirling seems a decent venue for most. Flexible for dates … What sayeth you ?
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