1999 r129 gear recognition switch


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Apr 24, 2009
Hell o,
I have a 1999 r129 sl320 with a 722.6 gearbox.
The reverse lights' fuse and bulbs are fine.
The car does reverse but I need to * 'twiddle' the selector to get the reverse lights to come on.
I have learned this might indicate a bad gear recognition switch under the gear shifter part number 210 545 1332.
Maybe I am using the wrong search terms but is there a d.i.y. somewhere for dismantling and the shifter to get at the switch?
Can this replacement switch switch be installed without removing the whole shifter unit?
Is there anything else needs to be done in terms of adjustments or something else I need to do while I am in there? Can the little green bushing (which is accessed usually from under the car) be changed from inside the car?
Any links or tips please and thanks and other pleasantries that might please,

* 'Twiddle' : a word used by people who really understand cars.

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