5 years in...

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BTW, I much prefer the shape of the 997.

I was never keen on the 996 front end in particular and was actually looking for a 3.8S - nearly bought a couple but both cars had issues.

For me the risk was low enough with this to take a punt and I think in general I’m pretty happy with it 😎
Quite a coincidence Jon, I got my my 911 out of storage just recently and MOTd it and taxed it for a year for the first time in ages!

What’s the story behind this one? Have you been looking for a while, or an impulse buy?

First 911 for you?

What’s the spec like, any more pictures - maybe start a new thread for it! 😎😀

Hi Will, to be honest I've been looking for the right spec 997 for some time, i wanted a 997 Carrera with the black dials, single oval exit exhaust, sunroof & of course a manual - this one is also the sports chrono so has the smarter steering wheel, hard back sports seats & dash mounted stop clock/lap timer. It was also local & i'm not a man to travel for hours to see a car that's not up to scratch, not as described or has dodgy history.
This one was in Poole & listed on Collecting Cars, it didn't reach it's reserve so i went direct & after an extensive test drive & inspection i went for it.
Since 2020 it's had a clutch, flywheel, slave cylinder, RMS/IMS, starter & alternator, plugs & coil-packs, full OEM exhaust rebuild (cats/downpipes/manfolds etc) tamdem oil pump along with full specialist service history, adjustable coilovers & a lovely set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres - needless to say it drives 100% spot on.
Wanted for ages, it was HPi clear, I had the money so I bought it - it needs a few niggles sorted but i paid less than £20k for it & i'm extremely pleased....
So I now have a cracking pair of cars & I'm happy..
Will sort some photos next weekend as I work late & it's dark..

Strange how you would pull yours out of slumber this weekend - great minds and all that..
Blimey, most of it is missing :oops:
Was in need of a full engine rebuild snapped conrod but luckily only at low RPM 82k miles with no bore scoring

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