Another newbie - C63 AMG Coupe

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Could have fitted a removable one......?
I had the XFS 2010 for 3 year's with no issue's what so ever only sold it as i didn't want to ruin it with a towbar 🙂
Mine was a very reliable car running wise, it was all the problems underneath that did it for me in the end started to become a money pit so time to go. It was looked after by Nottm Jagtech as well they gave me no indication of what was coming especially between the last two mot's.
I had two XKRs over the space of 11 years - fantastic cars and I didn't really have anything unusual or serious go wrong with either of mine. My wife however had an XF S Estate which was definitely a "Friday afternoon job".

Jag interiors are lovely and they always seem so well balanced and comfortable but sports cars they are not. I really wanted to like the F-Type and planned on going there after my XKR but it turns out the best handling car Jaguar make is not the F-Type "sports car", it's the XE small executive saloon and besides the handling they just don't do it for me. The F-Type was built on a modified XKR chassis, if they'd based it on the XE they'd have had a pretty serious sports car there. Jaguar have loads of potential and promise but so many near misses.
Injectors are on my to-do list too. I don't think they have ever been changed (2009 73,000).

Prices seem to vary though. Where did you buy from?
You'll know when you get the old ones out, they'll have the manufacturing date stamped on them. I was quite pleased to find mine dated May 2013 as it meant my time and money were not wasted :)

I got them from, price last November was £256 delivered. Might have saved a couple of quid if I'd shopped around further but I've used a number of times and they've always been spot on so I keep going back.

Actually, speaking of spark plugs - what's the replacement interval for these on the M156?
Thanks for that. I'll take a look and get some ordered.

I think the recommended spark plug interval is 60,000 miles or 5 years.
Thanks for that. I'll have to take the existing plugs out to turn the engine over when I do the cam adjusters, the car is now 11 years old and showing 53k on the clock so I may just get fresh plugs to put back in.
The manual for my MB.

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