Anyone fitted a 320 turbo on a ML270 W163?

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Sep 15, 2015
Anyone fitted a 320 turbo on a 270?
I found something on the internet before about this but cant find it again
Minimum requirements with the turbo are 3bar map, at least 320cdi size cr pump and remap.

Do not know, how hard is it find a decent remapper there.
What about fitting C30 injectors and keeping the standard rail pressure along with the turbo and remap?
That gives a possibility to => ~280 level, which is max to 320cdi turbo.
Air ends.
AMG injectors might reach up to 300hp level with orig 1350bar rail pressure.
Great info. Have you any experience of that power with the 4WD system?
Some more info on this idea, links as well would be nice. Very interesting but I've googled and found nothing :(
What do you want to know ?
What car, year, engine ?
This is not my native language, but I´ll try to answer something.
First you must find a remapper, who can and is willing to do the softw. after you have made the mods.
Doing soft. to modded car usually takes the whole day (6-7 version), if you want it to work well, like "stock".
Your English is better than my Finnish!

Shooter560, lots of information on superturbodiesel for all OMxxx engines and upgrades.
Tuikku is the man on these engines followed him on another forum,
I have ml 270 cdi
Running 320cdi turbo hybrid with billit compressor,
Amg injector nossels
Free flowing exhaust
Big intercooler,
I also have for sale is a spare fuel pump from a ml400 which is the same as the c30amg spec, I work for Mercedes too and can assist on the c30 conversions
so is this which engine code? OM648 engine? that sthe straight six 3.2 and 204 Ps?

OM613 still uses vac actuator so straight swap, later engines have electronic.

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