Billy's W124 Coupe Project

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Germany Pics here:


Cleaned and ready to be tucked up for a little while.

Inspirational and epic thread mate

Haven't been on for a while, but Billy you did great !!! :thumb:
Makes me want to take a trip to the U.K. to see the car in person !!! :bannana:

Thanks Chaps, ED, ill swap you for yours. LOL!

There is more to come, car is not finished yet, next up interior......:)
I'm jealous - simple as that.

We are picture deprived!

Would you mind posting some fresh pictures of your beautiful machine?

Should do a before and after comparison of it having the AMG kit fitted.


The only addition I would make to your build is a cream boot interior. I managed to source one for €50 and the boot should look as good as the rest of the car

The word has been over used over recent years but this is

I loved the thread. Specially since i recently acquired a 200 w124 1990 with the purpose of restoring it and enjoying the old ship. I really enjoy the way these cars drive.

Thanx for sharing Bill
Classy car! Reminds me of my brother in law w124 coupe 300-24V.
Beautifull project
i thought u put e36 lump in, car was not accident damaged previously
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Watch this space...i already have the lump...wasnt planning to but it came my way so this is next on this thread!

I should really post some recent pics of the car let the folks see how it's doing and it's doing just great!
This thread is amazing. Billy a true credit to you mate.
I am at a crossroads on my W124 coupe, I need to decide if I want to throw a lot of money at mine to get it back to where it should be. I may be tapping you up for some contacts when I decide to hit go on the resto.
In the mean time, post up some pics to give me some inspiration :rock::rock:

wow......just wow :thumb:

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