Billy's W124 Coupe Project

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I just read this thread again (and saw my own comment above, which I'd forgotten about, haha) and yeah - this is just about the most incredible, thorough restoration of a car that didn't really need it, that I've ever seen. I hope you keep this car forever...

I also wish that I'd documented my own cars restoration. I can't put it in quite the same league as yours, but it's not a million miles off. I'll make a thread when it's ready.

But yeah going back to the work you've personally done something quite similar, I really do applaud everything you did. Even moreso because you have replaced things that nobody in their right mind would do - and with main dealer parts!!
Stunning work, the W124 Coupe is going to be my 2nd project.
Since school, I have been a sucker for the 300CE-24
Wow. Gorgeous 124. My projects are never that clean!

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