C32 Resealing the Recirculating Cover

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Nov 21, 2011
ML 270 cdi , C280, C32 AMG
I changed my plugs and wires and I discovered that I have a small oil leak
on the cover that helps recirculate oil on top of each of the valve covers.

http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r69/TruTaing/Resealing recirculating covers/IMG_0447.jpg

There is no gasket that can be replaced I have to use a gasket maker to create a new seal.

This is how it looks when the cover is removed :


I dont know what sealant it's better to use .

I found out 2-3 products but don't know what to choose.

Is this product good 003-989-98-20-10 ?
More products on this link :

PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum - View Single Post - Confused about MB sealants (engine mating surfaces) Loctite 5900 Permatex right stuff

Thanks a lot !
Anyone with some sealant experiences ? please!!
jerry270ML said:
Anyone with some sealant experiences ? please!!

You can buy the sealant from your local MB dealer.

It's about £15 for a tube. It's very very good stuff. Make sure that the surfaces are free of oils and old sealant.
It's the black stuff btw

I will go monday and ask if they have this one 003-989-98-20-10 , I think its the right one .

Thanks !

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