1. merc85

    w211 Engine bay Plastic cover's ?

    Does anyone know the correct part number for these covers? Were they ever avalible in the uk for the Pre facelift cars? Just thinking abit of weather protection cant be a bad thing not the my car really gets wet lol. Will the 2006> facelift covers fit if not?
  2. garycat

    Parking sensor indicator half cover - such a thing?

    I find that at night, the streetlights reflect on the back of the dashboard parking proximity and this creates a moving orange light reflected in the windscreen every few seconds which is quite distracting. Is there any way of covering the back of the indicator to stop the reflections? I've...
  3. C

    R172 SLK Luggage cover

    Does anybody have any tips on how to stop the rattling of the luggage cover when it is closed. I assume it is coming from one of the catches, but it's damn irritating
  4. AngryDog

    Wanted: E55K pulley cover

    I want another pulley cover my my E55 It's the bit at the front of the supercharger.
  5. S

    FS: Mercedes Benz M157 5.5 BiTurbo AMG Carbon Fiber Engine Cover - CLS63/E63/G63/S63

    Genuine Mercedes 5.5 BiTurbo AMG Engine Carbon Fiber Engine Cover S63 E63 CLS63 Originally came off my CLS 63 AMG 2012 which I've now long sold. ITEM IS USED BUT IN GREAT CONDITION, SEE PICTURES Original Mercedes Benz Retail Price £1678.55 This is a genuine Mercedes Benz Product Mercedes...
  6. B

    W204 C-class - cigarette lighter socket cover

    The lighter socket which is in the centre console - has anyone had any luck removing the spring loaded cover from it neatly? With my USB adapter in it, it hangs open just enough to stop the ashtray cover from closing, which is a little irritating. (I do have an adapter which is short enough...
  7. W

    S212 rear luggage cover issues

    I have a strange problem, yesterday for no apparent reason the rear cover carried on operating once the hatch had shut and ended up half way to the "open" position so it obscured the rear window. Is there a way to reset it?
  8. H

    W163 tow bar cover

    Hi, I'm looking for a pre face lift, ie smaller, tow bar cover for a W163 ML if any one can help. Searching auction site with no success. Thanks in advance
  9. R

    W211 Luggage Cover Rattle

    My W211 estate has the luggage cover that "slots" into brackets in the back seats and as it's a "metal on metal" connection it tends to rattle quite a lot. It's not really noticeable when I'm on a motorway run but anything else gets quite annoying. I've tried a few "products" on the bracket...
  10. 1

    SLK 172 230 AMG Caliper Cover Plates

    Hi Guys I changed the MRs front brake pads at the weekend and on both sides one pin snapped off on the black caliper plate cover. Can we buy these as Merc said you have to buy the whole caliper>? If not Ill make some.
  11. DaveE320CDI

    W212 Estate stormforce outdoor cover

    W212 Estate outdoor cover Hi, Surplus to requirements nearly new Stormshield by Specialised covers Shipley bradford car cover, not the cheap version but top of the range quality cover with mirror covers cost £300.00, cash on collection or can post all in for £60.00 07970469089 cheers Dave
  12. optimusprime

    M103 valve cover gaskets , the best to use .

    Hi i am just about to replace my valve cover gasket . I would think that its a job most of you guys have done on you W124 M103 engines . Only asking what type of gasket is the best one to use . I am spoiled for choice. Payen, Elring, and some i have never come across before .Any one done it...
  13. Cymruambyth

    Door mirror cover.

    Just a quickie.....would the mirror casing in the link below, fit my older style mirror, rather than buying a complete unit? Thanks. Mercedes A B C E S Wing Door Mirror Cover Driver Right LED Indicator Black 9040 | eBay
  14. K

    W209 2003 Roof cover latch part number help

    hi guys, after some help - having issues with the convertible top on my dads CLK, I have found that the latch behind the back seat (passenger side) which holds the roof cover down has a broken microswitch. could someone please let me know the correct part number, picture of the part is below...
  15. T

    Which breakdown cover??

    I've been paying £39.76 per month for AA breakdown, relay and parts and labour (max £500 per claim) cover for 2 cars. That adds up to £477.12 per year and £199 of that is the parts and labour cover. SWMBO's car is a Nissan Quashqi so we probably don't need the parts and labour for that one...
  16. holbay

    Automatic load cover

    Hi guys can anyone tell me how to remove the automatic load cover from the back seats of my W211 estate. Or at least if an end plate comes of , one end is rivited on the other does not seem to have any visible fixing. I dont want to remove the wrong end and have the return spring flying out...
  17. A

    Engine cover

    Hi all My engine cover has a crack in it! I was going to remove to repair. Will it have any adverse effects on my car if I left it off for a couple of days whilst I fix and spray it?? I'll be driving it while the cover is off car. Cheers Ben
  18. DaleB

    500E Air filter cover support post

    Hi all, Anyone know the part number for the support post at the rear of the engine (M119) that the filter housing clips to. There's two of the with a central rubber section bonded to threaded posts that screw into the valve covers Cheers Dale
  19. thebig1

    Headlamp Cover

    Hi All, Has anyone ever manage to change the headlamp cover on a W205 ILS unit? Since I got my car back from the dealer, there is a couple of cracks appeared in the lamp but the dealer isn't excepting any responsibility as I have had the car back 5-6 days. :0(
  20. F

    plastic cover for jacking point

    any idea where I can get a replacement part...cheers
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