Cockpit controls backlight illumination help?

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Nov 16, 2011
CLK230 Kompressor W208
Hello MBClub members,

This is my first post and I am hoping some of you might be able to help with a frustrating problem :wallbash:. I purchased a CLK230 W208 back in summer and as I like a tipple in the evenings I did not notice this problem until the winter darkness set in.

I have no back light illumination when the headlights are turned on, at the instrument cluster, heater controls, whole center gear shift console and steering wheel. If you push a button like EC or Rear Window Heater the on and off button light works but I have no visual back lighting when its dark. All other electronics displays and warning lights work fine on the dash.

What I have done so far is test every fuse under the bonnet, in the boot and to the right of the steering wheel in the dash when you open the door, all were ok. I have also disconnected the battery for 5 minutes and reconnected, no change. I have checked every light around the car, from headlights to indicators, boot license plate, fog, parking, etc etc and they all work. I have had the odd "Check Bulb Warning" messages very randomly for a few months but it was intermittent and went away normally on a restart, I checked all bulbs back when I had the messages and I had none out, so I assumed it was a sensor playing up. But I have not had this warning message come back for at least a few months now.

Also I have searched all the functions setup to see if there is a dimmer setting for all the back lighting but I could not find one, but even then if it was on its lowest dimmer setting I would have though I could see some illumination.

I have researched on various sites and it happened to another fella in the USA and on the same forum page another member replied saying it happened to him when someone stole his factory stereo. But no resolutions or resolves were posted afterward. The only point that interested me is my car has never had a factory stereo.

Before I run this into MB or other garage for probably a big bill. If anyone has any views or thoughts about how to fix this myself I would greatly appreciate your responses.

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Silly question - have you pressed the '+' button on the left hand side of the instrument binnacle?
Hi Ted, thanks for your response. Yes I have tried that and no joy.

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