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David Bird

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Jan 29, 2013
Chadderton nr Oldham Gtr Manchester
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Went on Euro parts site to purchase parts intending to go for %30 discount. Prices all over the place ,Clutch claimed on web Manufacturers list price £284 reduced to £119.94 , due to site not giving any added discount on clutches i went instore and bought same clutch for £73 + vat on receipt it claims manufacturers price £236 . Similar with lots of other items i bought ,discount given was more than %30 even on products that website claims have no further discount . Confused ? you bet
Further to not purchasing clutch online - now got email offering 15% on Clutch that didnt have any further discount available . = £120 - 15% = £102 Think i would rather walk in off the street and Purchase same item for £73 +vat = £87.60 . Discounts may not be all they seem ,i was on the verge of ordering at £119.94 but wanted to clarify i was ordering the correct item ,glad i did . Multiply the situation with multiple products and quite a substantial sum involved as i did spend £470 in total. That said i do find euro car parts a fantastic company supplying some quality parts and the chap i dealt with was extremely capable and knew his job a rarity in itself.
The first link is correct eurocarparts ,went to collect parts outstanding from yesterday and raised the question re seemingly endless prices dependant on direction of attack , chap agreed and said website is a law unto itself and offers and discounts altered independantly and Branches worked seperately and had given me the highest discount possible.
I generally get a price online then ring up the store and ask them what's the best they can do :)
Does the Euro car parts discount work anymore? It claims that the part I am trying to buy is not covered. Apparently an EGR valve is not part of it? If its only for service items what's the point, they always have offers on which means that mbclub code is actually disabled for them too.
They suspend club discounts whilst they have a general price reduction promotion on......which seems to be most of the time of late.

I've seen a reply from Pat at ECP in one of the threads on here, advising another member to send them a PM asking for a better price if the price of the item required isn't comparable to what it would be with the club discount. Have you tried both MBClub30 & MBClub25 ???
There are also two discounts; MBCLUB30 which works on some parts and MBCLUB25 which usually works on those that the 30% discount doesn't cover...
Tried them both. No joy. On the other hand there is another website that is a sister company of eurocarparts. same layout and prices nearly 40% cheaper. Bought it there instead. The only thing is that is delivery only

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