1. MSG2004

    Service plan discounts

    Hello Made a couple of mistakes 1 - Not ask for a service plan discount when i bought my brand new gle in April 2 - The so-called Balck Friday sales i noted a 150 discount, decided against it Are there any new offers out there, or did you manage to get one after buying your new car...
  2. B

    New SL not selling - Massive discounts

    I was enquiring for a friend on the SLs £24000 discount off an SL500 Advised not selling - I wonder why ? What is the normal SL buyer buying?
  3. E

    Last gasp discounts?

    With the up-coming new model E-Class Coupe to be announced in the not too distant future (early 2017?) the outgoing model is being discounted quite heavily. I assume these are base models and at the pre-build stage to allow us the time to specify our exact requirements. Drive the Deal are...
  4. T

    discounts on 2nd hand S class from main dealer

    Interested in some advice. I suspect that discounts on the current S class purchased 2nd hand are likely to be good given the high list price only some people would be willing to live with such a beast. If looking at the 1-2y old sector selling at 48-58 bracket. Who far would a dealer...
  5. D

    Discounts on GLE SUV 350d 4Matic AMG Line

    Hi All Today I said goodbye to my 3 and half year old S class to make way for my hoped for SUV Finally decided against the coupe and going for the SUV GLE 350d Driver Assist Package Premium Plus Package Two tone Nappa leather £62470 is the configurator price Has anybody of what sort of...
  6. R

    C63S Coupe discounts?

    Hey guys, For those who have ordered C63S coupes what sort of discounts are you getting i'm getting 5.5% off.
  7. F

    Potential new car discounts

    Hi. I'm doing the usual long term planning of the next car and at the moment its between a BMW 340 and a c450 AMG for next year. Discounts of around 22% seem to be possible with BMW. How does this compare with Mercedes? If anyone could share any discount info it would be helpful.
  8. T

    Sevicing Costs and Discounts

    Do all main dealers work to a standard price list, or are there variations worth phoning around for? My car needs it's first Service A and my local (big chain) dealer wants a kidney. No surprises, I researched before I bought but I'd like to do the best I can now the day is near. And, does...
  9. RattlerRattler

    MBClub discounts with wheel refinishers?

    Do any wheel refurbishers offer MBClub discount? TIA
  10. moff

    MB's Good Discounts Likely To Go?? Looks like the incentivised lease and PCP deals won't last for much longer... Shame it was good while it lasted :)
  11. D

    discounts via club

    Went on Euro parts site to purchase parts intending to go for %30 discount. Prices all over the place ,Clutch claimed on web Manufacturers list price £284 reduced to £119.94 , due to site not giving any added discount on clutches i went instore and bought same clutch for £73 + vat on receipt it...
  12. P

    New E Class estate discounts

    Hi all, Long time since I popped in here! Trust all the regulars are well. I need to replace the family wagon, currently a Volvo V70 and the new E Class is in the frame, specifically the E220 CDI SE Auto in a metallic colour. It looks great and the spec is also top line. The finance deals...
  13. J

    Dealer Discounts - AMG

    Hi everyone, I am about to place an order for a new C63 AMG coupe, my local dealership in the UK has told me that the AMG cars are not discounted and therefore the price is non negotiable, in my experience everything is negotiable but wanted to ask here, what, if any, discounts or deals...
  14. cheffy

    Insurance discounts ? !

    My insurance is coming up for renewal, currently with AA, both my wife's Mondeo, and my CLK, now heres the thing ! both our renewal costs with AA was higher than last year, so I did my usual, shopped around, getting cheaper quotes, etc etc etc. Now, on here, and also on detailing world, which I...
  15. nick mercedes

    consumers duped by special discounts

    "An investigation into thousands of individual supermarket prices has revealed widespread "misleading" pricing tactics which are duping shoppers into believing they are getting a better deal than they are." "products which become more expensive than the original price per item when they go...
  16. M

    E63 discounts

    Is it possible to get a discount on a new e63 ?
  17. ironsheik

    dealer discounts from buying new..

    Friends and family always tell me, when buying a car from a dealership, haggle with them so you get around 10% of the asking price.... In the end they want to make the sale, so most of the time they will accept it.. just curious how many of you guys have had a good discount from the dealers...
  18. J

    E350cdi cabrio discounts

    I have ordered the aforementioned car in "125edition" guise (ie 265hp engine, minor cosmetic tweaks and comand online) and managed to get an 8% discount on the car & the extras (leather,airscarf,sport,HK,Handling & metallic) which is £3600inc vat. Is this the best I am ever likely to achieve...
  19. I

    Remap - multibuy discounts

    Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone wants to buddy up or get a group of us together so we can get a discount from some of the tuners that are offering discounts for group purchases????? Angel for example give a 50% discount on the second car, I'm sure we could get a few of us together.....I'm...
  20. Bobby Dazzler

    Dell discounts

    I know, I know, another laptop purchase thread!! It looks like I'll be buying three laptops shortly, for Mother in Law's Christmas present, a fellow school Governor (she's paying), and moi as a Christmas present from the children, and likely to be as follows MiL: Dell 15" 4GB Inspriron...
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