E class w211 Audio Gate way Unit

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Hutcho2659, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Mercedes E270CDI W211
    Strugling to find the Audio Gateway Unit in my 2003 E class Estate. A few friends of mine work at Mercedes so called them for advice. They thought it was in the rear left boot area, next to the SAM Unit.

    Took the car to them during thier lunch break, low and behold they could't see it either.

    The reason I was looking for it is because I wanted to swap it for the one iI have in my saloon to see if it solves the intermittant sound fault that keeps occuring on the Command APS unit.

    Whether the radio, cd or dvd is playing, every 2 minutes or so the sound drops for a split second and starts again.

    If any one has any ideas ???
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    It is tucked up between inner and outer wings on left hand side in the boot, you have to remove 1 nut and 2 bolts to release the bracket with it on and slide it out - probably have to loosen the fusebox there also, and the top section of the bracket with the navigation drive. The 2 bolts are on the inner wing, the nut holds the bracket to the wheel arch area.

    There are possibly some pictures on www.mercupgrades.com under the W211 COMAND retrofit document

    Do you have the phone system in your car ? If you have the original Nokia and there is a SMS message waiting, you get regular short sound interruptions

    The AGW are coded for the options on your car but just for the test you propose you should be fine without coding. Cars with HK the AGW is different to cars without (as it is the HK amp).

    (if things are coded wrongly, strange things can happen especially when you update the satnav map or head unit firmware)


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