E320 Dash problems and replacement (2005 Advantgarde)

After Shock

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Oct 18, 2009
Stratford upon Avon
E320 CDI 320 Estate. AMG wheels
My clock decided to go backwards yesterday. Then putting it in reverse caused a few other warning lights to come on.

Just been chatting to the garage about it. Cutting a long story short the only error code now is the "heater boost". Although there were many, many error codes showing that have been cleared.

After the garage has looked at the possibilities replacing the heater boost is a nightmare. Didn't know it had one to be honest. I'm wondering if it has ever worked anyway. I can live without it.

Chatting more the thought process is that the whole dash might need replacing!! A VERY, VERY big job that would be around £1000.

The car comes back and I'm going to see how it goes.

Anyone got any thoughts??!!??

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