e350 cdi (the lemon thread)

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Aug 3, 2023
2010 E350cdi sport saloon
I have decided to start a thread on my new to me 2010 e350.
I stole the car it was advertised for 6500, I traveled down to view the car and picked out plenty of issues and ended up getting it for 4500.
Jobs to do:
Service the pan roof due to being slow (done)
Replace the dipped beam build o/s (done) £41 later 😷
Wheel refurb
Good detail
Few scuffs on the bumpers
Drivers side heated seat not working!!!
The bodywork is very tidy no dings, it has 14 stamps at Mercedes so mechanically its all good fingers crossed.
Spec is pretty good having the pan roof and bang & oleffson sound

I had an S212 Night Edition E350 that I purchased new in 2016 and sold it 5 1/2 years later which I really regretted, it’s the longest I have ever kept a car.

They are a great drive with a lovely V6 3.0 litre engine, loads of torque and very good mpg, not the greatest on bends but that said it never once let go just leaned into them a bit more than I liked, mind you it was a big car with huge carrying capacity.

Lovely motor, Dan, looks fantastic in White, with a pan roof and 19s also B&O sound system is quite rare, well done, now enjoy it! 😎🙂👍
That's one heck of a knock down on a legitimate car.
And it's one heck of a car.

Pan roof really looks good on these.
Well done sir!
Today I changed the left corner light bulb as I was getting an error at night when turning left.
WBAC figures are based on Glasses Guide trade.....not retail prices.
Our fleet insurer once tried a WBAC price against a write off.

They never did it again

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