Enter VIN and get car details....

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Hey! There is any other working link around?
Still working, but can't get a translation!

1 .Легковой а/м - passenger cars
2 .Внедорожный а/м - 4x4 / off road
3 .Грузопассажирский а/м - light vans
4 .Грузовой а/м - trucks
5 .Автобус - buses

двигатель - engine
КП - transmission
мост - axles
выпускная система - exhaust

I have to admit 'рулевой мех-м' has me beaten.....possibly steering components
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Excuse me if I am being an idiot but I cant navigate myself around the site as its in russian. Any translation or an easier english based site?? Please help
I cant use chrome by the way

Got on there fine, got the job done.
I now know the original codes for my engine and box!!
Thanks :)

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