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Jun 16, 2008
E320 CDI Sport
I am going to be installing heated seats this weekend into my C coupe.

I have the switchpack with heated seats buttons, carbon pads on order from DK in Colchester and now all I need is the loom. Does anyone have a part number for this please? I have trawled through old posts and there is no mention of the part number.

I'll take some pics of the install and post them this weekend :rock:
Got to be easiest to go to mb as there are prob loads of options.
Not sure if pic is right model so its a guide only!

Иллюстрация: 510 Узел: SEAT HEATING
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hi mate. the part number for the loom is A2034405113 and is £28.34p then follow your instincts with the fitting, quite straight forward.
Lynal that's the right loom - guy at MB pulled up the same diagram, and then proceeded to tell me I couldn't install heated seats myself lol! I had to persuade him to sell me the loom. He also advised I needed to buy 2 looms, one for each side, I had a feeling that was BS as the switchpack only has one connector for the heated seats. I only purchased one loom and it does cover both seats

I managed to install all the wiring today, slow progress with the rain. I ran the power behind the cluster and down to the fuses. Power for the seats went down the centre console, into the wiring channels either side of the gear leaver and then out under the seats. I had to remove the scuff panel over each door seal to get the carpet up, pretty straight forward from there.

I have taken the driver's seat out and it doesn't look like an easy job to remove the base. Not sure if mine is more complicated as it’s a Coupe with folding seats... Any pointers here guys?
So I managed to do all the fitting over this weekend. For anyone that's interested, this is how I did it:

1) Remove the centre console and cluster (plenty of info on here on how to do that).


2) Position the loom side of the switchpack connector next to the existing switchpack connector. Run the rest of the loom down to behind the ashtray.


3) The power line then needs to be routed back up and over to behind the cluster. Tuck the wires away before you put the cluster back in.


4) The green power connecter clips into the vacant green port in the fuse box (fuse removed).


5) The passenger side loom also has the ground wire; the driver’s side is just the connecter. Run the wires down either side of the gear lever into the wiring channels (brown and grey wires in the pic).


6) Remove or lift the carpet on both sides and run the cables through the existing channels. You may need to remove the air duct to get the wire through the channel.


7) Connect the ground on the passenger side and route the wires out of the existing opening on both sides.



8) Remove the seats from the car. 4 star type bolts hold each seat down. Once bolts are removed, tip the seat back and disconnect all wires.


1) First remove the seat base. To do this first pull out the spreading pins from the plastic bracket holding the seat base in place (towards the front of the base).


2) Remove the plastic bracket using a large flat screwdriver. These are quite a tight fit, be careful not break them.


3) Now remove the wires from the connector block and cut the zip-ties. Also remove the plastic covers either side of the seat back and the back cover.





4) Now you are ready to start removing the leather. Start unhooking the leather all the way around the bottom area of the seat. There are a couple of hooks behind the side plastic covers you removed earlier. Also lever out the plastic tabs running down the inner edge of the seat back.



5) Now you should be able to start pulling the leather off the seat. You will now see some small white clips holding the wire in the leather to the wire in the seat foam. Using a flat screwdriver, gently pry these away from the seat base. A little tricky at first but you soon get the hang of it. There are three running up the side of seat cover. I only removed one side as this gave me enough room to get the heat pad in.


6) Now measure up your heat pad for a good fit. I trimmed my pads at the top slightly. The pads I used are carbon type so you make holes wherever you like, just be sure not to cut into the copper strips running up either side of the pad.


7) Peel the sticky side of the pad and manoeuvre into place. Be sure the pad is central and crease free. Route the wire to one side at the bottom of the seat. Now do the reverse to reassemble the seat back.



8) Flip the base over and lever out the leather starting at the back. Work your way round until the leather has been freed from the seat.


9) There are 12 plastic clips holding the seat cover down at the top. Use the same technique to unclip these. Starting at the front and working your way back.



10) Now that the leather is completely off lay the pad down and work into all the creases of the seat foam. Mark where the clips in the middle of the seat foam are and make small holes for these. Now stick your heat pad down and pull the 6 central clips through. Now just do the reverse to reattach the leather. Start at the back and work your forwards attaching all the clips as you go. Reattaching is much easier as you just have to line up the wire a clip and push down quite hard. Reassemble the seat, routing the 2 seat heat wires along the zip-tie clips already in place under the seat.



11) Reinstall the seats, connect the power (Brown is ground; colour is live on the car side of the connector).


And viola – you’ll have toasted buns in about 4mins time. :bannana::bannana::bannana:
Thanks is owed to:


You guys helped a lot!
Excellent write-up azaman :thumb:
Excellent candidate for the how to section?

Excellent write-up azaman :thumb:

Thank you. The tech papers you sent me were very useful. Would have taken me ages to work out how to get the base off if I didn't have the inside info :D

I'll take some pics of the seats today, you can't tell at all there are heated pads in there now.
If you dont mind me asking, how much were the pads from DK?

£103 with next day delivery. Ask for Rob, he's a very nice man and knows his stuff.

You can get similar pads cheaper on Ebay, though they all come from China or US so long delivery times and risk of getting nabbed at customs for duty.
I dont fancy doing the job myself but my wifes 2004 C Class is begging for it, DK will do it but its £500+Vat as apposed to the DK £103, £30 Loom, £100 for the switch pack.
How long does it take all told?
I dont fancy doing the job myself but my wifes 2004 C Class is begging for it, DK will do it but its £500+Vat as apposed to the DK £103, £30 Loom, £100 for the switch pack.
How long does it take all told?

Mine already had the heated seats so i didnt have to do the wiring thankfully but i did have to remove leather seats and covers etc etc, it is quite straight forward and not too hard. Great write up above, you cant go wrong....:D Rob at DK is a great guy and knows his mercs inside out....
I dont fancy doing the job myself but my wifes 2004 C Class is begging for it, DK will do it but its £500+Vat as apposed to the DK £103, £30 Loom, £100 for the switch pack.
How long does it take all told?

I did this over the weekend and had to keep stopping due to the rain, so the time taken something like:

Complete wiring: 2hrs
(strip centre console, remove cluster, seats and carpet, run wires)

Install heat pads: 3hrs
(first seat was about 2hrs as I was taking pics and trying to work out what I was doing, second seat was much quicker).

Put everything back: 1hr

I'm sure there are folks on here that could do it a lot quicker, though I wasn't in any rush. This is a very satisfying install so I would always say give it a go yourself. There is plenty of help on here if you get stuck.

If you need any more info drop me a PM.
Did you just put the heater element over the sensor on the passenger seat or did you put something in between them? I have that side to do once I get my car back.

[QUOTE = "azaman, post: 864152, member: 19465"] Lynal es el telar correcto - el tipo de MB sacó el mismo diagrama, y luego me dijo que no podía instalar asientos con calefacción yo mismo jajaja! Tuve que persuadirlo para que me vendiera el telar. También me informó que necesitaba comprar 2 telares, uno para cada lado, tenía la sensación de que era BS ya que el switchpack solo tiene un conector para los asientos con calefacción. Solo compré un telar y cubre ambos asientos

Hoy pude instalar todo el cableado, lento progreso con la lluvia. Corrí el poder detrás del grupo y hasta los fusibles. La energía para los asientos bajó por la consola central, entró en los canales de cableado a ambos lados de la palanca de cambio y luego salió debajo de los asientos. Tuve que quitar el panel de desgaste sobre cada sello de la puerta para levantar la alfombra, bastante directo desde allí.

Tomé el asiento del conductor y no parece un trabajo fácil quitar la base. No estoy seguro si el mío es más complicado ya que es un Coupé con asientos plegables ... ¿Algún indicador aquí chicos? [/CITAR]
Hola, observando su trabajo y teniendo un amigo en el Mercedes, podría decirme la referencia de la tela que configuró porque tengo una publicación posterior y no cuadro su referencia con la que me da mi amigo. Gracias. Sorry for my English use Google translator
Tengo esta referencia para el pree de 2001 2001 A2034405113

Para el puesto 2005 2006 A2035407134
Hi @azaman I know this is an old post but do you have the diagram on removing the base?
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