Hello. MB newbie with C63 on order.

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When you turn up, do you go and look at it? I know I would!
Also, do you have any more piccies of yours yet?

Yep, sure do! Fired it up, adjusted the seat, linked my phone, programmed sat nav etc! lol! 2 days to go! Sneak preview!


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£100...now that is a bargain!! So are you collecting on Saturday then?

I have decided to leave my private plate off of the C63. However I had the pick of the plates the dealership were registering for September and have ended up with rather a good 'normal' plate - OY62 ETA. Rather pleased with that!!

Also arranged to go down and sort the paperwork out on Sun 9th. The only problem is that my car isnt due to arrive at the dealership until Mon 10th, so I won't get to see it until collection. Nevermind, only 2 weeks and 1 day left to wait!! :bannana:
That is a good number!, i did think of starting off with a 62 plate and transferring my private one at a later date but just decided to go with my one. Just back from the dealer now as had forgotten to take my paper licence last time. They are picking me up at 9am on saturday morning to take me up to the showroom and the car will be ready to drive right out of it!
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It'll be a sleepless night for Aquanaut tomorrow evening!!

Obviously we all expect to hear how it goes over the course of the weekend...
Just a quick update: off to the Dealers tomorrow to do the paperwork and stuff. Don't think the car has arrived yet (due Monday) but I'm secretly hoping it may be as a 'surprise'.

Anyway, only 6 days to go until collection :bannana:
Well I'm back and certainly did get a surprise...my salesman wasn't there :mad: It appears there had been a mix up, although not from my end IMO. Bit annoying as I was looking to change my deal by putting a bigger deposit down along with discussing preparations for Fridays collection.

Anyway we ran some new numbers with another chap but it has to go back through the MB finance approval loop :doh: As such, I didn't end up signing anything today. They'll put the new proposal forward to MB finance and, assuming all is ok, will get new paperwork for me to sign. Fortunately they'll then send it to my nearest dealership to make the signing process a bit easier. Still, the new numbers are rather good, so that's a bonus.

Oh, and the car hadn't arrived either, so nothing physical to get excited about :rolleyes: (oooer!)
Looks stunning!!! Amazing car and possibly the best sounding one ever :)
All very cool, I bet you are enjoying it. I'm going to write a similar intro now !

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