Help with crank angle sensor part number please?


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Feb 8, 2006
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It looks as though the crank angle sensor may have failed on my CLK, can anyone help me with the MB and/or Bosch part number? It’s a 2000 CLK320.

Bit of background: Last Wednesday, out of the blue, it failed to start. Three attempts later, I did the obligatory ‘swear at the car’, and hey presto, it started and ran fine. However, the engine check light remained on during my short drive home. I left the car overnight, and the next morning, it started first time and ran ok, but again, the light stayed on. I got a friend who’s a mobile mechanic (not MB trained) to come and look, and unsurprisingly the car started fine and the light went out. :rolleyes:

I left the car until Saturday, then tried it again. It started first time, ran fine and the light went out. I left it running for five or ten minutes, it was fine. Then all of a sudden it just cut out, and wouldn’t restart. I called out the RAC, he poked and prodded around, told me that his diagnostic kit wouldn’t fit the port on my car, but that he suspected the crank angle sensor was at fault. One reason he gave for this was that the rev counter didn’t even twitch when cranking the engine over.

I’ve spent a fair while searching on here, and it seems that he may be right, although some say that the sensor doesn’t usually trigger the check engine light? :confused:

I have a friend who is the service manager at my local MB dealer, and he gets me good discount, unfortunately he’s on holiday. Talk about timing…

So, sorry for the waffle, can anyone help with the part number, or other possible causes?

Many thanks.

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