1. S

    DPF sensor

    Evening, I have just purchased a C350 CDI but it keeps (every 4 days) going into limp mode. When I read the codes it says "The lower limit value of component DPF sensor has not been reached" I have changed the DPF sensor and all was good for four days, then tonight it dropped into limp...
  2. mercmancdi

    Map Sensor in inlet manifold advice please

    I am working on 06 freelander with the BMW td4 4 engine , if I plug the map sensor out of inlet manifold while engine is ticking over and after plugging Sensor out it makes no difference is this a sure sign sensor is not working. I joined a land rover site but advice is very thin on the...
  3. P

    R129 SL500 Air Flow Sensor

    My air flow sensor has proven to be faulty (starts and runs for a short journey, but then goes very lumpy). Bought a replacement from the USA (recon - £140), but it didn't work, making me suspect the emission settings for USA models are different from UK models. Opinions? Finally located...
  4. garycat

    Parking sensor indicator half cover - such a thing?

    I find that at night, the streetlights reflect on the back of the dashboard parking proximity and this creates a moving orange light reflected in the windscreen every few seconds which is quite distracting. Is there any way of covering the back of the indicator to stop the reflections? I've...
  5. A

    Camshaft Hal Sensor and CEL

    Hi, Last night my car didn't start on first attempt and I got the Check Engine Light in dash. It didn't start on 2nd attempt and on 3rd attempt it started but the Engine Light stayed on till I reached home. The car started on 1st attempt after that but Engine Light stayed on. In the morning...
  6. V

    DPFE Sensor Location?

    Got error code P1402- DPFE hose upstream clogged/off & P0473- Exhaust pressure sensor circuit A high. Causes my Vito w639 120cdi 3litre v6 to go into limp mode until code deleted! Was advised to replace the dpfe sensor & the 2 Hoses with original parts as cheap parts fail & the Hoses also...
  7. S

    ABS sensor references and specs

    I replaced a duff front sensor on my 2011 C-Class using a part from Febi Bilstein with the code 204 540 03 17. They said it fits and is suitable for the car. Mercedes found it does not work or give any signal. When I checked the part I dismounted it has a Merceds reference of 204 905 79 00. I...
  8. I

    VDO Tyre Pressure Sensor

    Part number S180014730Z. New in box. Fits a variety of MB models using part numbers: A002 540 48 17 A002 540 67 17 A002 540 69 17 A002 540 80 17 £35 inc delivery.
  9. S

    Reset ABS/ESP lights after sensor change - w204

    I had these lights and the run flat one come on. I found one of the sensors at the rear had an open circuit so I changed it. How do I now clear the lights on the dash (apart from sticky tape :-)) ? I did this same change on a Toyota dn it cleared automatically when it found the new sensor...
  10. M

    W211 - DPF Pressure Sensor Problem

    I have a W211 E320CDi in line 6 which keeps going into limp mode although no CEL comes on. The symptoms are the car goes normally for about 5 mins and then won't rev past 2000 RPM I have had a look at most possible/probable causes and I have an idea that the cause may be the DPF Pressure...
  11. Ultrarep

    Second Map sensor location

    Hi all Am working through an intermitant mil light that flags pressure sensor low And think that after replaceing a failed Maf ( the mpnew one came with a new MAP too) that the second Map sensore now needs changing. Can anyone advise where the second on is? The car is a w211 2004 320cdi...
  12. S

    W211 rear ABS sensor fault

    Evening, My 2008 S211 came up with a ABS Inoperative warning message the other day. I borrowed a code reader and it showed a couple of old stored codes for front right ABS sensor distance too far from sensor and a current fault code for rear left ABS sensor check wiring/sensor. The old codes...
  13. S

    w204 rear ABS sensor

    I have the ABS/ESP lights on the dash so I need to check the rear ABS sensors since I suspect one might be duff. I has the workshop manual but it has no mention of these sensors! Are they pretty self evident when I take the wheel off? I am intending to check the resistance as a first step. As...
  14. tron

    How do I tell which kind of occupancy sensor I have?

    1998 S202 250TD. Prior to swapping out the seats, I need to know if I have the simple resistive sensor that can be linked out or the CANBUS type which I expect will be in the new seats. Can anybody help, please? While I can design a CANBUS module, I really do have better things to do with my...
  15. Waynedoran

    Fault code P0715 INPUT/TURBINE SENSOR

    Can anyone help with the above code just come on my 2003 c180 Kompressor Auto? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  16. F

    W204 reversing sensor

    Obviously, I can hear the forward facing bleeper very clear as it is right next to me. The reversing one though in my estate sounds quiet...Is there anything I can do to improve this........apart from a hearing aid....or, turn down stereo....:-)
  17. M

    E200 CDI O2 Oxygen Lambda Sensor - Mercedes / Bosch Part number?

    I have got an error indicating: Error: O2 Sensor circuit slow response Bank 1 Sensor 1 (Upstream / Pre-cat) signal rate of change below threshold. Anyone able to assist me with getting the Mercedes / Bosch part number please? Vehicle details: 2011 E200 CDI (no stop / start) Chassis...
  18. J

    ABS sensor misreading w211 help!

    Hey there just got round this week to replacing the following Upper and Lower Ball Joints Drop links Thrust arms Car is so much tighter now. However as I was pressing out the right front lower ball joint I tried to remove the Speed sensor, plenty of plus gas and a screwdriver only to break...
  19. E

    2009 W211 E280 CDi Crankshaft Sensor

    I have fault codes DTC 2045 and 2043 coming up as Crankshaft sensor no signal. Does anyone know where the sensor is located on my 2009 E280 CDi estate Thank you
  20. M

    2011 E200 CDI O2 Lambda Sensor 1 Bank 1

    I am new to Mercedes and to this site. I have had a 5 Series for the mast few years so the MB world is new to me. I have got a W212 E200 CDI Auto with the following faults: Fault 1: O2 (Oxygen/Lambda) Sensor circuit slow response bank 1 Sensor 1 signal rate of change below threshold. Fault...
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