Hypothetically using LPG to increase performance ???

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Jul 1, 2010

Just a though really, in general terms. I have a old prefacelift C230k with LPG. The tuning options are pretty limited on the c230k but on the one size fits all LPG system it has a completely mappable injection system, a max of 350 bhp LPG pump and max of 300 bhp gas injectors. Obviously the old merc ecu is not mappable in any way so if I could get more boost out of the charger in some way say pulleys or the like then remap the LPG ecu ? Would this work or any other ideas ??

This assuming your injectors would continue to work with the increased boost pressure. Limitations to this might be the cross sectional area/ size of the vapouriser/reducer and or diameter of the injector pipes and size of injectors. Greater boost means more air means more fuel and this is likely to be the impediment to higher power.
as discussed here:- Go LPG - Romano N and HD Systems

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