ITunes file converter ?

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Aug 7, 2003
My C class has an Apline headunit, that will play WMA and MP3. It does not have an AUX input.

Other than burn to CDr (as an audio CD), what are my options - I would prefer to convert my purchased ITunes music into MP3, for cross platform compatability......

Suggestions ?
Unfortunately, unless there have been developments in the last 4 or 5 months, there is no program which does this for you - they (apple) have protection on their tracks so that you simply can't do anything but record them onto cd in order to re-record them back to your computer in order to convert to MP3's. I personally believe that once you've BOUGHT the damn things you should be able to convert them to whatever file type you darn well like. It really makes me mad that they do that.

I hope someone else may come up with something new, but alas, i think it's a case of messing about for you!
I think that Roxio Media Suite does it.

There's also an option within iTunes to select what type of file to save music as - I know you can save CDs as MP3 - but I'm not so sure about downloads.

Otherwise, burn as an audio CD, then convert CD to MP3..... long winded, I know, but it works.

Alternatively, plug a radio convertor into your iPod and tune your car stereo to it.
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Unfortunately, unless there have been developments in the last 4 or 5 months...
Son has been using tunebite for a about 3 years now - works by playing the protected music on your PC and recording it back to mp3. Used to rely on the analogue stage of the soundcard, but has been purely digital for a couple of years now (so no loss). Latest versions can handle multiple tracks at the same time and at high speed.

You can literally point if at a folder of files, and have it create un unprotected copy of the whole directory structure in minutes.
AShampoo Studio3. Cheap and versatile, allows you to choose the compression ratio of the MP3
there is a bit of software called proteced music convertor which will do the trick for you.. its trialware though.

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