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Jun 11, 2003
I have owned my 98 E300TD auto for about 8 months and there is a noticable lack of power when I kick down at speeds over 70 mph. The rev counter jumps to 4000 but the speed only creeps up slowly, it's even worse on the odd occasion when I try to kick down at 90 mph.

Oh uphill on the M40 stretch between J6 & J5, the car can only manage 70 mph even if i drop the gearbox into fourth

Is this a serious problem or a trait of the car ? has anyone experience of this ?

Any help welcome

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Aug 8, 2002
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It should'nt be neccessary to use kickdown at 70mph and definetly not at 90mph. Most diesel engines produce their maximum power at lower revs than petrol models. Diesels are most powerful at 1800-3000rpm and feel like they noticably run out of 'puff' at over 3500rpm. Compare this to a petrol engine that produces power at 5500-6500rpm you see that it is not beneficial to rev the nuts off a diesel.

I would try a diesel injector cleaner that you add to the fuel first, if that does not help it may need looking at by a diesel specialist or, dare I say it the dealer.

How many miles has it done? Does it smoke at all? What MPG are you getting?

My C250TD will happily pull like a train in top gear from any speed, I can set the cruise to 75 or 80 mph and it will maintain that speed up any incline and will accelerate up steep hills effortlessly. Unfortunately it sounds like something is wrong with yours.


Jul 13, 2003
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As Jimmy you should not need kickdown at 70+mph. These cars will accelerate very quickly at 70 or 90+.

Firstly check the accelerator cable is fully pulling the throttle pot under the bonnet.
Kickdown mode will still engage even if the engine is not fuelling fully due to it being operated by a switch on the floor.

If the cable is fully pulling the pot then there is a problem such as no turbo boost pressure or lack of fuel.
Check all intake ducting is fully attached and that the wastegate is not stuck open.
If that is all ok then I would suspect the air mass meter is not calling for extra fuel.

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