1. C

    Mercedes 320CLS Kick Down Problem

    As above, when using kick down, engine would go into limp mode. Took car to local Mercedes stealer who diagnosed 02 sensor fault. Bought new sensor off Ebay for £70 and local garage fitted it. Bingo, car now runs perfectly. Thought I would post this as have seen many posts with same...
  2. C

    Kick seat protector

    Hi there I have a c class coupe on its way and have a chosen grey leather interior. Looking for some rear kick seat protectors as I have 11 year old and want to keep the seat protected from feet marks, mud etc. There are lots of seat protectors out there but anyone used some that fit the back...
  3. Cymruambyth

    Kick down causes issue.

    I`ve done a search but can`t find anything relevant. When I kick down, it works fine but then after a couple of seconds I get the warnings, ESP inoperable and Tyre pressure monitor system inoperable. It then goes into kinda like a limp takes ages to pick up and accelerate again.Before...
  4. FROGM5

    CLK W209 Illuminated Kick Strips

    Have just fitted some aftermarket illuminated kick strips and am now looking at where to wire them in? I thought of piggy backing the puddle lights but found no way in to the door jam loom conduit Must be an easier way, anybody help???
  5. A

    Engine light and kick down

    Hi folks over the past 2 months my engine management light has come on and my kick down stops working, it still revs past 2tho and sports mode works normally so not going into safe mode.Just the kick down is not working? Its done it twice now and both times its happened it has righted itself...
  6. W124newbie

    W124 kick panel

    Looking for a W124 kick panel (also called insulation by MB) on the passenger side, as ours seems to have mysteriously disappeared at some point. Preferably black though if it's grey it shouldn't make too much difference as you can't see it anyway. Here's a picture for reference of what's...
  7. C

    320CLS Kick Down Problem

    Hi all having a problem with kickdown on this jerks but does not change down..caught me out a few times trying to warning lights or limp mode. if I use moderate acceleration it takes off like a rocket, but kick down is a no no. Had MAF cleaned but to no avail any help...
  8. F

    Auto kick down slow to respond.

    I have an E320 petrol, 03 reg., but when I need the performance on kick down , it is slow to respond. I would have thought that by flooring the accelerator the box would chose the appropriate gear to give max. acceleration. but it seems a bit hit & miss. Is it better using the gear selector to...
  9. A

    Kick Down

    Hi some times when I use the kick down it seems to hesitate as if it's not sure what gear to select. Just wondering if the ECO has anything to do with it:confused: I have tried the kick down a few times without the ECO set and it seemed ok. Anyone eles noticed this or should I call at...
  10. Y

    C180 k engine slows down and pick up speed again in a kick mode.

    I got a mercedes benz c180 kompressor 2002, few times while am driving the car slows down with my foot on the gas pedal. Then it will slowly speed back up again (it is worse in gear 1,2 and 3 where it goes to kick mode). Took it to the garage for them to check spark plugs but all ok. Did anyone...
  11. stevebgt1

    Someone please Kick me !!

    And tell me not to do it !!!! I `,ve got a real hankering for a V8 R8. The prob is, I cant afford one and keep the 507...... I have the itch now and it`s beating me up inside, there is one near me and its just so berludddy lovely !!! aaarghhhhhhhh What shall I do ...
  12. E

    Will not rev above 2500-3000rpm and will not kick down

    My E320cdi s211 will not Rev above 2500-3000rom and not kick down! It runs fine other than that. This is also intermittent. Does anyone know what could be the issue? Thanks
  13. wiggo220

    W204 intelligent light system - No Kick up

    Hi, I've recentley purchased a 2012 (62) C220 sport plus which has the intelligent light system. On the last MOT it had an advisory notice for "NO KICK UP ON OFFSIDE HEAD LAMP" Can this be adjusted or fixed? On start up they move up and both seem to self adjust Ok. Any help...
  14. X

    lag on kick down

    Hi There I have searched forum looking at o2 sensor. Maf. And tps the fault is that there is a 1 _2 second lag on kick down and general acceleration. Other than that the engine and box feel and sound a1. If you keep the accelerator depressed 1/4 inch before you accelerate it works well. So...
  15. M

    Keyless - Kick Boot to Open?

    Just changed my car from a 2010 E350 to a 2015 E350. One of the features I have now that I didn't previously is Keyless. The manual says I should be able to open the boot by makinrg a kicking motion towards the lower centre of the back bumper. The theory being that if you have your hands...
  16. A

    Automatic gearbox neutral and sticking on kick down

    Hi - I'm looking for some help with my 2000 plate ML270. On kick down - if the throttle is fully depressed, it sometimes hits a false neutral, sometimes it drops down to 3rd and doesn't change back and less often works fine. it seems worse when towing. If I do a gentler kick down its fine, and...
  17. O

    No Kick Down

    My E280 cdi Sport, it won't kick down, no fault light comes on, drives okay in manual mode just not in auto. Any ideas please? Car has been sitting around not doing very much of late.
  18. mbenz1977

    W203 C CLASS Thottle pedal with sensor and kick down switch

    I can deliver to anywhere UK mainland or cash on collection please call 07944594949. £45 ono
  19. I

    Auto box won't kick down

    Hi Hoping someone can help. I have a 2003 c220 cdi auto and the box won't kick down. The switch when the accelerator is pressed all the way down clicks but nothing. Also it looks like the revs are limited to below 3000 No faults are showing on the dash Where shall I start? Change...
  20. G

    Transmission Kick: Replaced F/R Flex Disc and AT Fluid Changed

    My car: 1999 C230K Sport Hello everyone, I have a question about a slight transmission kick when I'm coming to a stop and when I'm accelerating from 1st to 2nd. A little history about my transmission: Fluid was not changed at all until 130,000 miles At 130,000 miles, partial flush was done...
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