Might not be around as much

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Feb 20, 2009
W124 E220 Estate Auto
I would just like to say thanks for:

a/ a fab forum and
b/ fab people in it.

I have now sold my W124 (to another forum member) and so I am MB-less. I'm pretty sure that is how it is going to stay, as I was a Landy man for many years before buying the W124, and I currently own two Landys now (and looking for a third).

I might pop in now and then but I doubt I will be around too much.

So, thanks for everything everyone! :thumb:
Stick around. You don't have to be an MB owner to be part of this forum. :)
Do you want to buy my land rover?
Best wishes for the future - hope to see you back here from time to time .
Cheers JB, I really enjoyed your posts.
Pop by if and when.

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