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It needs a private plate :D

Might look into a plate but in all honesty,they’re not my thing

As for the sill,a friend in Ukraine made them
As for the sill,a friend in Ukraine made them

Any chance you could get some for me please lol :D not Lorinser though
Pm me what you need done
Will do when I’m back on comp mate, cheers :)
absolutely stunning car. I love 124s.
Had more changes on the interior that I forgot to mention
Bought a storage armrest from a member here and although it was in acceptable condition,I wasn't sure about it so I had to hand it over to a friend of mine to work his magic


Well happy with it and he even made me that gear knob as a gift,I have some good friends :)


Dimming mirror from a 208,in cream of course :D

Has it been resprayed? The paint looks immaculate
Has it been resprayed? The paint looks immaculate

At some point almost all panels have been done
Probably the doors are on original paint,well at least half of them :D
Wings and bonnet were done a good few years ago while I had it
The front suspension has been renewed which leaves the rear
Got all this to go on soon :oops: all original parts of course so please don't ask about the price

Respect to you Dash :)
Thanks Peter and everyone else for the kind words :)
Beautiful car!!! Great attention to detail!
I remember back home my dad used to have a w124 3.0l turbo diesel saloon when I was growing up and that was the car I learned how to drive :)
I would like to get a w124 saloon as a project at some point as I love this shape Mercedes

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