Private plate forsale "UK 6.3 AMG"

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JohnEBoy said:
Ahhhh... they've started selling them already. I didn't think you could reserve them.

Yep interest registered in June purchase possible 08:30 1st July.
Deane x said:
I am after a 66 plate how did you go about registering interest ? Sorry for thread crash :thumb:

Dvla will publish the plates in May/June next year. You then fill n the online form.
What is a GT65AMG?
cheers guys i put the 6.3 as that’s what there marketed as, the badges etc and its uk at the front not c so just makes it look better in my opinion but everyones different. the cheapest **63 amg you can buy from the dvla is £799 and as was said the uk makes it abit more desirable so i don’t think I’m being to unreasonable im not in a massive rush to sell it so can hold out for the right person :) also price is negotiable but I’m not going to give it away haha!
I have an AMG plate for sale also.

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I have an AMG plate for sale also. AC63 AMG .... OFFERS....

Not nice to hijack someone elses thread especially being your first post

Seeing as you haven't put a price, I'll start you off at £50 :bannana:
Yes, that is a bit rude just to bypass the selling conditions on here.

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