reasonable 190e insurance (23 year old)

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Wow! You got yourself a good deal there!!

When renewing my insurance, I spent a lot of time on the internet seeking insurance on any AMG and it didn’t seem possible for me perhaps because of my location. I will definitely look into this again though as I would love to be behind the wheel of an AMG :devil:

Which company are you with?
Well the guy on the phone said that but i told him it should have been £900 as i was being unfairly punished for a non fault claim.

I am with Elephant. I was with Admiral they are the same umbrella company which was good for proving no claims discount.

Anyone who insures a 23 yr old on a C63 AMG is more likely to be a Charity rather than an insurance company!
Either that or they did it as a 63 yr old on a C23 AMG!

Well i have my parents on there as named drivers even though they dont drive the car, it saves a lot of money as the risk is spread in the insurers view. Im sure adding them saved £800 at least.

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