1. Stratman

    Learners to use motorways from next year

    Motorway lessons for learner drivers confirmed for 2018 (BBC)
  2. brucemillar

    117 year old shipwreck seen on sonat for the fisrt time.

    Ghostly 117-year-old shipwreck briefly emerges for first time on sonar

    Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar with Leap Year

    For sale Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar with Leap Year This is a gem of a watch. It looks beautiful and really catches the eye. It features some amazing features such as perpetual calendar, kinetic movement, 4 year reserve, and leap year function, which will cost A LOT of $$ in a...
  4. John

    MB 2 year warranty.

    I've seen a couple of posts in recent months where it has been stated you get a 2 year warranty with an approved used MB. Having looked on the MB site previously, and just now, I can't see any mention of 2 year warranty. Approved Used...
  5. F

    The year CDI Black death stopped occurring

    Hi from Australia I'm the sad owner of a 2003 ml270 with recurring black death :fail Yes my own spannering :fail Nice vehicle otherwise. What year did the boffins at MB decide to change the design of the injector seating to eliminate this (:fail) problem? Cheers Peter
  6. KillerHERTZ

    Photobucket Now Charging $399 Per Year for 3rd Party Hosting

    With no warning at all.- see my Sig image. All my 14 years worth of photos will need to be re-hosted. Countless threads on forums across the net will be ruined as it has millions of users Good work Photobucket :wallbash...
  7. MikeInWimbledon

    What is the biggest Mercedes event / Rally of the year?

    What's the biggest Mercedes Rally / event of the year? I spent Saturday at the extraordinary Rolls Royce Enthusiasts rally at Burleigh - a huge collection of exceptional, and quite cheap, kit, and then was surprised to see several hundred modern Mercedes at the Flywheel meet at Bicester...
  8. W

    Mercedes e320 w210 cdi lack of power - year 2000

    Hoping you guys can help me here.... when i start the car everything is fine. Full power, full boost... no issues. If the car idles for a minute or so in traffic, then pull off with big drop in power... boost non existant. It will stay like this until engine stopped and restarted. As soon as i...
  9. Z

    AMG body kit W202 95 year

    For sale AMG body kit for W202 Price 500 eur +shipping More information PM
  10. J

    Lacquer peeling on four year old Jupiter red A class

    Hi there I have a four year old A class which I bought two years ago from a MB dealership as an approved used. I also paid for the paintwork to be treated. In December 2016 I noticed that the bumper lacquer was peeling. I took it to the body shop at the dealership and they took photos to...
  11. P

    C Class 2018 model year

    Are you ready. - if you want a proper fuel tank, cost is now an optional extra at £60 odd quid! If not you get the small 40 odd litre tank. C63 s Edition 1. - now deleted. History. Touchpad deleted unless you get Comand upgrade. Night Pack up £100. Auto up slightly in price too.
  12. Peter103

    Am I the 1st this year?

    Today I fired up my petrol mower and cut the lawn in the back garden, don't think I've ever done this in February before, just wondering if any on the forum had cut theirs this year yet, am I the first? :thumb:
  13. Chillbrazl

    MB 30 Year Anti Corrosion Warranty - A BIG ONE

    Hi Whilst I have have several MB's in the past I have been more of a Land Rover person in particular I left MB after a huge problem with an MB Dealer finally resolved after many months of correspondence by an excellent an honest Customer Service Director (no longer in that position now) however...
  14. T

    ...another year,another MOT...95 'SL320

    ...another year,another MOT for my 95' SL320...& another complete pass ! The Tester even took the trouble to come and tell me what exceptional condition he thought the car was in...they don't make em like they used to...
  15. ChrisCLS55

    Modernising the interior of my 11 year old CLS55

    While I personally feel the interior of my 11 year old CLS55 has aged quite well say in comparison to the E55 and even some of the C63s, I want to make my car look and feel more modern inside as it is still showing its age compared to new Mercs/other cars. Obvious things are the steering wheel...
  16. 219

    New Year Honours

    Apparently 'Johnny' Johnson - the last surviving Dambuster was nominated for a knighthood , to honour all Dambusters , and turned down ! If you think he is more deserving than some recipients , please sign Ms Vorderman's petition , below...
  17. grober

    A New Year Treat - the 350 GT Lambo

    Following the interest in the Interceptor thread another little treat for New Year 2017 . :cool: Jay Leno and the 1965 Lamborghini 350 GT - Jay Leno's Garage [YOUTUBE HD]UFxymrYj9FQ[/YOUTUBE HD]
  18. R

    270CDi ML 2002 model year wiring questions.

    my ML recently blew it's trans (needle roller collapsed in the trans) so i fitted another. Prior to this the handheld scanner I have (carsoft) readout the code as P2502 . it still does despite me trying to erase it. What do Mercedes suggest could also be at fault with this code beside...
  19. Charles Morgan

    Car related New Year Resolutions

    Never one for these weight loss and stop drinking nonsense resolutions but this year I resolved to complete my W114 tuning and remaining bits flog at least two cars clear out all the surplus parts from my W114 rebuild and other cars and clear the garage of junk. Already started on 3...
  20. Rickyj1985

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone on the forum!
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